Don't Starve Together for 3 keys and 2 ref. Open to offers as well.
Send me a trade offer if interested!
  • Expired due to inactivity
PayDay: The Heist for 2 keys 1.5 keys

Send me trade offer here
2 keys + sweets for a dirty rancho relaxo
trade me if interested
add me if you agree, the price is firm
2 keys for uncraft rancho

add me for fast trade

add me if you agree
1 Summer Key for 2 Keys

Add me if you accept, or offer below!
Two keys for a strange inviswatch.
Price is firm.
Add me if you accept.
3 keys for a strange PDA. Add me if interested.
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Selling Poker Night at the Inventory for 2-3 keys.

Offer down below.
Selling a Lugermorph for 2 refined. You provide the wrap.

Add me if you agree with the price.
Buying a key for 4.22

Add me if you accept the offer.
Lugermorph for 2 refined, you provide the wrap.

Add me if you want it.
S. Dead Ringer - 5.66 ref
S. Medi Gun - 1 ref

Add me if you agree.

Otherwise, offer below.
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Modest Pile of Hat - 1.33 refined

Add me if you agree on the prices!
One Dota for one key.
4 ref for King of Scotland cape and dirty Tavish Crown.
Selling each item for 2 rec.
Selling a key for 2.66 refined.
Add me!
My haunted Heavy Voodoo Soul for 1 key.
Price is firm.
Add me if you are paying this exact price!
Red Tape Recorder - Craft #769 - Offers + Giftwrap (and because 69 is appearaently a great craft nuumber, why not offer on it?)
Dirty Western Wear - 1 rec (SOLD)
Sharp Dresser #74(69)5 for offers?
Clean Pyromancer Mask for 2 refined.
Liqour Locker (dirty) for dirty sight for sore eyes and pyromancer mask.
Still up for grabs.
Dirty liquor locker for 1.5 - 2 keys.
My price is firm.
Rec for dirty pyromancer mask.
Freedom Staff for ???
1 refined for one craft hat.
Status: Online
Offer here! Don't add me!
You supply the giftwrap.
Craft #1600 for gift wrap and a familar fez. Seems like a steal.
Add me.
Looking for either one of these items. Have it? Send me a friend request.
My dirty hat for any pyro dirty hat listed here.
Festive Rocket Launcher for Festive Scattergun OR 4 keys.
Will trade this strange for another strange.. Add me!
Want to craft the new weapon? Sure, I got a family business for you.
Huo Long Heater or offers.
ATTN: TF2 Community

If you craft:
1 Capacitor
1 Renamed Weapon
1 Strange Weapon
1 Frying Pan
1 Crate
1. Vintage Hat
1. Item (Level 37)
together, then you get a link to the new comic.

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ATTN: People of TF2!
It turns out that the capacitor is actually equip able to all of the classes! If you're any class and you high five someone wearing it, it actually gives meaning!

What you must do is high five someone with the capacitor equipped, then go here: http://lab...part2/ and enter what it said for you.

This well help reveal the next ARG!
Help us, TF2 community, so we may figure out what all of this means!

[Not looking to buy the capacitor or high five taunt]

EDIT: Because people think it's a shock site, http://www...=g-u-u. It's all legit.
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Add me!
A clean sticky jumper for a dirty Huo Long Heatmaker.
It seems fair in my case.
2 rec or 3 family businesses and 1 rec
I don't need it.