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Trading some brand new unusuals I unboxed!

No B/O right now so feel free to offer on these!

You can add me or post below
Selling some very smexy unusuals!

d@d Fed-Fightin' Fedora- 77 keys or overpay

Time Warp Frenchman's Beret- 35 keys or overpay
Steaming Braniac's Haripiece misc: 20 keys or overpay
Starstorm Insomnia Cranial Carcharodon: 15 keys or overpay
Memory Leak Grimm Hatte: 30 keys or overpay

Spelled Roboactive Armored Authority: 100 keys or overpay

Feel free to add me to discuss or post below!

Thank you, have a great day!
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Taking offers on my unusual weapon collection!

0 prices in mind so feel free to offer!

Post your offer below, or if you want to discuss, feel free to add me

Have a good one!
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My unusual weapon collection

Quite content with them, could keep them for a very long time, but still open to offers

If you want to offer, go ahead.
Hello! Selling some taunts here

SGG Kazotsky Kicks
Make it rain with every kick!
Only 35 keys


Showstopper Didgeridrongo
A mini concert- fireworks included!
Only 20 keys

'72 Disco Fever
By far the best themed taunt, dance like it really is 1972
Only 35 keys


Feel free to add me to discuss or post an offer below

Thank ya!
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Best themed taunt

Looking for offers right now, I consider every offer so feel free to take a stab at it
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That's cool, especially with only 2 of the new cases unboxed

Offer away!

A must have for any sniper main ;)
Selling some very shiny hats:

Frostbite Capo's Capper
Ice 'em, Jonny
B/O: 45 Keys or Unusual Overpay

Cloudy Moon Western Wear
It's high midnight
B/O: 50 Keys or Unusual Overpay

Memory Leak Grimm Hatte
It's a very nice and clean... uh... what was I saying?
B/O: 30 Keys or Unusual Overpay

Cloud 9 Fed-Fightn' Fedora
Shot, but shot with love
B/O: 35 Keys or Unusual Overpay

DBD Scotch Bonnet
The description says it all
B/O: 27 keys or Unusual Overpay

Feel Free to add me to discuss or offer below.
I don't bite, and I consider every offer, so offer away!
You can send a trade offer here:

Have a great day!
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Clean unbox

Looking for 30 keys or some unusual around that value

Tradeable the 12/23
Selling this beautiful all-class hat

Starstorm Slumber Brotherhood: 80 keys or overpay

Feel free to add or offer below

have a good one!
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Selling some unusuals here:

Tesla Coil Screamin' Eagle:
This is the power of American science, maggot!
B/O: 50 keys or unusual/item overpay

PE Trophy Belt
So much bloody POWER
B/O: 60 keys or unusual/item overpay

Phosphorous Ye Oild Baker Boy
Ah my head, my beautiful head!
B/O: 35 keys or unusual/item overpay

Feel free to add me to discuss or post an offer below
I'll consider all reasonable offers, so don't be afraid!

Thanks, have a good one!
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Brand new unboxes, looking offers on both

Offer away, I don't bite.
Bucket tradeable the 19th, bear is tradeable now

Ok so, funny story behind these two
The bucket was a surprise and regular unbox, but it was my first unbox in a while and I was pretty excited.
So I tell my friend about the unbox, and it inspires him to unbox using a visa he had gotten for christmas. Due to using a visa, volvo blocked him from the market for two weeks, so he asked me to get his cases from marketplace. We hit another bump when the 20 cases he asked me to get wasn't enough to pay by card. So, naturally, I get myself one key and one case for myself. Then I give him the cases and open mine while I wait for him to get ready, and out pops the beautiful polar bear, while he went on to get crap. I think I ruined his day.
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Unboxed by me, clean as can be

No B/O, so feel free to offer or add me to discuss

Thanks! Have a great day
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Well well well look what the cat done drug in from the unbox

Raw unbox, so looking for offers rn
Someone please make me stop unboxing

Just looking for offers rn
Good lookin' pyro hat with god tier effect, 1 of 2

Looking for 125 keys pure or unusual overpay
  • Completed
Mainly looking for some really good offers
Skin is Star Crossed
Fresh unbox
Feel free to add to discuss your offer or comment below
Selling these very nice unusuals

Phosphorous Armored Authority:
A hat made from the very fabric of the source code itself
B/O: 56 keys or unusual overpay

PE Crocleather Slouch:
Radiate your pure "skill"
B/O: 50 keys or unusual overpay

Trade offers:
Or post offers below
Feel free to add me to discuss

Happy Trading!
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Simply selling for 17 keys pure or an unusual a little above that price

Happy trading!
  • Completed
Offer up
Feel free to add me or comment below
I'm heavily inclined to keep it, though
NOw tradeable
I am officially done with unboxing this season.

Offer anything!
Feel free to add me or offer below

Happy trading! You are a wonderful person!
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Just a couple of things I'm looking for offers on

Feel free to add me or comment below.
Selling these two party medic hats

Miami Nights Blighted Beak:
Party away the plague with this shining misc!
B/O:57 keys or unusual overpay

DBD Gentlemen's Gatsby:
What if the Great Gatsby was a disco? Experience it with this smexy hat
B/O: 25 keys or unusual overpay

Trade offers:
Or post offers below
Feel free to add me to discuss

Happy Trading!
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Wtf someone stop me with these unboxes

Offers on both, I'm not looking for much on the medic taunt

Feel free to add me or post offer below
Soooooo these just happened back to back. Idk what to say.

Taking offers! Feel free to add me or post your offer below
Now tradeable!
An unusually successful unboxing night

Looking for offers, offer away
Add me or send an offer:
Now Tradeable!
Looking for offers
No B/O, so offer up anything
Add me or send an offer
Now tradeable!
Fresh outta the unbox, looking for offers
(note: I love unusual weapons)

So go ahead! Offer!

Tradeable Nov 7
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Strange Freelance Macabre Web Festive Scattergun

BO: 17 keys
Also take some low-tier unusual offer

It's one sexy beast
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Looking for unusual weaps. I liek unusual wears.

Current Offer: Starstorm Slumber Hat w/ no Name + Cool Masked Mender
Offer away!
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Strange Nutcracker Scattergun

B/O: 2 keys

My personal favorite of all civilian skins. It just works.
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Authenticator Enabled

Looking for some offers on this very nice knife.

No b/o so feel free to send an offer, I wont bite! (just please use your best judgement and don't lowball)

I do love some unusual weapons, like spy, sniper, engine, or soldier, so those would be prioritized (hint)
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1 key, 1 unusual, I nearly had a heart attack

Fresh unbox, tradeable the 23rd

Looking for offers, but I'm aware of what it's going for
All offers will be considered, so feel free to take a stab at it.
(P.S. I love unusual weapons quite a bit more than hats, like spy, solly, engie, or sniper (and I really love energy orb (and I don't dig shotguns)))

No b/o, just looking for offers
c/o: Green energy Professional's Ushanka (~340)
Strange Unusual Professional Killstreak Wrapped Reviver Medi Gun MW:energy orb (???)
Cloudy moon connoisseur cap+sunbeams bonk helm+green black hole sola topi+stormy 13th hour familiar fez+37keys in items (~290)

I don't mind adds

Have fun!

A quick note: I am not a huge trader and am not really looking for profit, just something(s) I would use and enjoy.
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This is my dream weapon. I have very little intent on selling it.

In order to get this off me, you need to wow me with you offer

Like, it needs to WOW ME

Offer away.
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Selling these two beautiful scatters

Minimal Wear STRANGE killstreak Corsair Scatter: 4 keys

Strange Specialized Killstreak (manndarin) Festive FAN: 3 keys

little overpay in items

Send trade or offer below.
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60 keys,

Unusual overpay

will 1:1 with an unusual knife (not cool)

Also open to offers

It's ok to add
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Authenticator Enabled

Looking for offers this beauty of a revolver (with an awesome name).

Only "Cool" effect on market

Cool Specialized Killstreak Unusual Festive Dead Reckoner Revolver

I would absolutely love an unusual knife, no overpay needed
I'd take spy unusuals/aussies, but only with noticeable overpay

B/O: Unusual Knife OR 60 keys OR 70 in items/unusuals

Adding is fine

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Spec KS Unusual Dead Reckoner
Effect: Cool
Sheen: Team shine

35 Keys
Solid price

Post offer below, I won't bite.
Please don't add unless it's necessary.
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  • Completed
Spec. KS Force-a-Nature kit
Sheen Manndarin

1 key, overpay in items

Send offer, don't add please

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  • Completed
Speck Ks. Force-a-Nature kit
Sheen: Mandarin

Selling for: 1 key, untradeable until 9th
Looking for a Pro Ks. Australium Knife, any effect besides daffodil/hot rod and pro Ks. strange Festive revolver any effect (together)

Also taking spy unusuals 55 keys+

Send a trade offer and I will get back to you
Please don't randomly add
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Selling SMG skins

1 ref each
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Factory New Reclaimed Reanimator

2.66 refined
Not really looking to sell; mainly looking for offers.

If it's good enough, thought, I might take it.
Selling FT KS Wrapped reviver
7 keys pure or 6 GM keys

Also taking FT strange purple ranges, Shell Shockers, current events, or other good offers.

Offer below or send trade offer

Please do not add.
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Looking for offers! I will consider all offers as long as they don't lowball. I really want unusual weapons, revolvers or snipers most preferred.

Actually one of the best wears for this effect. The yellow ring on the end doesn't exist to clash with the effect, and the effect goes nicely on this skin.
Can offer below or add and send trade offer.

B/O: 50 keys but willing to negotiate

Item is clean-unboxed it Aug. 15
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Selling WW unusual masked mender-cool for 50 keys pure