Selling a pretty sexy unusual

-Pretty damn rare
-Hella sexy
-Open to any and all offers!

Looking for anything really, although pure would be nice. I also accept games, gems, unusuals, cs:go items etc.

I really quit tf2 this time, no I swear!
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- Death ov death kitty (FOIL)
- Dimethyltryptamine goat (FOIL)

1$/each (through steam market)
1000 gems/each
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Hi y'all!!
Looking to sell this soldier unusual

1 of 3 in existence
1 of 1 on market

Bo/ 40 keys (more in items)
I prefer items or games but feel free to offer in pure too
Always interested in demo hats!

If you're going to add me please comment first or just send an offer

Thanks for reading! Take care
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Selling this rare beauty
Items/unusuals > keys

- clean
- 1 of 1 on the market
- really nice budget unusual

Looking for about 45 keys but all offers are welcome

Send your offers or post them down below do not add me
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Looking for one with EXORCISM and PUMPKIN BOMBS, NOT a regular strange one

If it has a killstreaker aswell I can add

Send offer, do not add me
4 keys and 10 ref

Cheapest on market
Send me an offer, do not add me
Selling 296 dueling mini games cheap

2 keys and 4 refined YOU send the offer

NOTE: I only sell them all at once!
Selling 300+ dueling mini games

Price: 0.33 each

I accept strange weapons with overpay ( 0.44 each )

Send your offer or post it down below. Do not add me.

Thank you for reading!
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Send me an offer or post it down below. Do not add me.

I count strange parts

Pure prefered but I accept stranges and cosmetics aswell, with overpay that is.
Selling sand cannon below market price!
- Spec ks (mean green)
- Mw

4 keys and 20 ref (cheapest on the market)
Will also consider other rocket launcher skins and items of equal value

Send me an offer, do not add me https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=158320323&token=1T-rsas-
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Send me an offer or post down below. Do not add me.

Pure prefered but I accept stranges and cosmetics with overpay ofcourse.
Looking for offers on the infamous Jorge! (yes, it's tradable)

Signed by b4nny, given away on stream.

Has some decent parts on it
To clearify: I'm looking for 5 key offers+ (not necessarily pure) due to it's uniqueness.
Send me an offer or post down below. Do not add me!
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Selling these

-Pure only-

Send or post your offer down below, do not add me.
Selling all my tf2 shit.

Pure only.
I don't have any set bo, you make me an offer.
Have 200+ Dueling mini games. (only selling them all at once)

Send offer and I'll take a look at it, don't add me.
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Selling this truly fine soldier unusual.

Bo/40 keys
(would also be happy to add for an upgrade.)

Overpay in items/unusuals.

Send me an offer or post down below. Do not add me.
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All class, super-sexy executioner

Bo - 40 keys
Bo in cs:go keys - 33 keys

- Or -

Soldier unusuals

Send me an offer or post ur offer down below, don't add me.
Thanks for reding :)
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Selling this beauty

Taking offers
Also accepting cs:go keys, for a fair amount less ofc.
Bo in tf2 keys/35
Bo in cs:go keys/32


big unusual overpay
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Selling all my shit.

Have 200+ dueling mini games.

Only pure, cs:go keys prefered and will give you a discount.

Send me an offer and I'll take a look at it
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Send me ur best offer in pure.
Buying one with headshot kills

Send offer! No adds.
Looking to trade mine for one with headshot kills on it. Will add more for extra parts.

Send me an offer, I might be able to add something.
Looking to buy a blew mew knife. I will pay extra for parts and spells.

Send offer.

Send me your best offer in pure and I'll take a look at it.
Offers above 19 keys are prefered.
Really nice all clas unusual with a good looking cheap effect.

Buyout is 45 keys but feel free to offer. Mainly looking for spy unusuals, don't care if it's duped.

Send your best offer or post here. Don't add me, thanks!

Offers of note:
Blizzardy storm master's yellow belt, c9 liquidators lid.
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Human cannonball (neutron star) - 40 keys

Baron von havenaplane (miami nights) - 24 keys

Or good offers. I like sniper and demo stuff btw.
I will sell it if I get a offer that I like

Buyout is 100 keys.

I like sniper stuff btw.
NOTE: I am buying these items, not selling them!
1. Strange bazaar bargain (with headshot kills) - 20 ref
2. Didgeridrongo - 21 ref

Send offer
1. 4 keys SOLD
2. 1 key SOLD
3. 20 ref SOLD
4. 12 ref

Send offer
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Shred alert - 21 ref
Didgeridrongo - 21 ref
I see you - 3 ref
Zoomin' - 1.5 ref
Killer's solo - 22 ref

Send me an offer
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Mainly looking for sniper or spy unusuals but I also accept australiums and pure.

Heart Firewall - 25 keys
Plasma Pyromancer's - b/o: 65 keys

Post your offer here or send me one, don't add me.
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Selling these

1. 1 key (negotiable)
2. 2 keys (negotiable)
3. 0.5 keys (negotiable)
4. 1 key (firm)

I can discount them for you if buy more than 1, the more you buy the more discount you'll get.

Send offer or post down below instead of adding me. Thanks!
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1. 2 keys(negotiable) SOLD
2. 3 keys (negotiable)
3. 2 keys(negotiable) SOLD
4. 2 keys (negotiable)

I would prefer if you could send an offer instead of adding me
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Hello, looking to buy these with the spell exorcism on. The flame thrower has to have halloween fire instead!

I'm buying them individually or as a set for pure!

Add me so that we can discuss the price.
Buying this gem for op in pure keys.

I've been looking for this item for a good while now and with 2/3 existing being stuck in collectors backpacks I'm continuing my search for the third one.

My offer is 46 keys pure but I am willing to negotiate, if you own the last available one please add me and we'll make a deal.
Buying any unusual quicksells!

Quicksell meaning atleast -30% of market value!

Keys in stock: 25

I don't care if they are duped, gifted or whatever.

Send offer
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Selling complete card sets! 8 Sets - 1 Tf2 key!

Send offer!

1 Tf2 key for 8 complete sets of cards ready to be crafted.
Hello, selling this super sexy pan
Pure is preferred but I can downgrade to regular or no ks aswell aswell, need small op in items.

-Hot rod sheen
-Halloween spell: exorcism
-Damage dealt

Keep offers above 5 keys please!
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Selling these for under market price!!

Graybanns are 2 keys and 25 ref

Feel free to offer on the other items as you please!

Send offer, don't add me!
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QBuying Western wear, timeless topper and engineer's cap with almost any effect.

40 keys in stock but I can add in mixed if necessary.

Send offer or post down below.
Buying ANY quicksell unusual with 15 keys or less!

Send offer
Selling these for cs:go OR Tf2 keys

Send me an offer, I go by csgostash prices but am open to negiotiation.

-Overpay in items
Selling 300+ backrounds/emotes for any tradingcards!

Send offer
Selling steam emotes/backrounds/cards for battleblock theatre heads, gems and shitty csgo items (any ware and any quality).

Send offer
Selling 200+ dueling minigames for shitty cs go items. You can buy minigames individually or in packs.
I accept any skins, bs ones, blues, greys, whatever. Send offer.
Trading A SHIT LOAD (500+) of emotes, backrounds etc for battleblock theater heads and shitty cs go skins 1:1

Example: 50 heads/shitty skins - 50 emotes/backrounds

Send me trade please, only add me if you are trading 100+ heads/skins and wish to negotiate
By any skins I mean any skins, I want all your shitty 0.03 ones aswell :)
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Trading everything in my tf2 inv for shitty cs go items, send offer.
Idk why it says the ak is untradable, it's not. 1:1 nothing else send offer
Buying it for 13 keys PURE.
Keys tradable on the 11th january send offer then or add me.