Lt. Fallen Avenger
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Quickselling for pure
Not using price
FN Festive Pro KS Black Daliah
Selling up to 6 Keys Max
If trade button is not present, add me. But forget it if you dont have ESCROW active
Pro KS Genuine original for 4-5 Keys pure ONLY! Buy the fucker while she's still hot! Send me a trade here

If you have normal Mann Co. Keys trade me

Looking to trade 4 Case Keys for 4 Normal keys
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Selling these PAINTED cosmetics and a pricey weapon, ITEM OVERPAY is applied to all items below if you cannot buy with PURE
ORANGE Tyrant's Helm= 5.20 Ref
WATERLOGGED Mann of Reason= 9.30 Ref
LIME Chappeu= 12.70 Ref
Lady Killer= 10.20 Ref
Heat of Winter= SOLD
PRO KS Genuine Original= 10.10 Keys
Send your offers through here, and PLEASE don't add me, thank you!
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Selling all items below for Pure or Item Overpay, as always please use the Trade URL and do NOT add me/ trade me if you are a private profile

Rotation Sensation= 7.30 Refined PURE
Strange Botkiller Sniper Rifle Mk.II= 2 keys or item overpay
Strange Botkiller Scattergun Mk.II= 2.50 Keys or Item overpay
Nun Hood= SOLD
Lady Killer= 10.30 Refined or Item overpay
All-Father= SOLD

Please send all of your offers here to this link, Thank you!
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Items up for sale, accepting pure and item overpay!

Strange Botkiller Mk. II Scattergun= 2.50 Keys Pure, Item Overpay Offers
Field-Tested Shell Shocker Rocket Launcher= 1.30 Keys Pure, Item Overpay Offers
Minimal-Wear Strange King of The Jungle= 15.50 Refined
Well-Worn Night Owl Sniper Rifle= 1.30 Refined

Please send me trade offers to the link below, please don't add me or send an offer if your profile is set to private
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[color=#blue]First trade here on TF2O[/color]

[color=#purple]Any effect will do and the price is 1 bud, unless you have a offer that will stun me.[/color]