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Selling this, clean and very short history (i am the second owner).
Offer here or just add me for discuss.
Make your offer here or just add me for discuss.
Hi, selling my stuff.
Make your offer here or just add me for discuss.

Eerie - 17.5 pure or 19 in items
M. Nights - 14.5 pure or 17 in items, both unu are clean.

i know every single scam method, opskins fucker.
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Hi, selling my stuff.

Make your offer here or just add me for discuss(please, no lowballs).
Give me a offer on this.
Add me or just send a offer.
Selling this, i really want to profit something.
Only items, 13 the sound and 15 the strontium.
1/2 on market.
Selling the Miami Nights Katyusha for 14 keys, priced at 13-16 keys.
Actually 1/2 on the market, but another is overpriced.
18 keys pure or 19 in items.
I really want 1 Pink as Hell Pyromancer's Hood, i offer the troublemaker (white) and tje upgrade.
Actually on scrap.tf auction -
/auctions/0H2N2L (paste this after the link of the site)

BMOC with footprints - 6 keys.
Send me a offer
Glove case key - 1 tf2 key + 5 ref (3 on stock).
Usp-s | Serum (Factory New) - 2.5 tf2 keys.
Selling the beatiful unusual(actually, only on the market).
13 pure or 14 in overpay, items i accept unusual,stranges or a fuckton of uniques.

Add me or send trade offer.

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Pretty rare card, the scm do not sell anything of this game anymore but still tradable.
Selling this, bp.tf price is 17 keys.
Offers above 14 keys, add me or send me a offer.
Add me or send me a trade offer.
I have 13 on stock, 17 ref each.
Add me or send me a trade offer.
Low craft #45
Offers 2 keys pure or 3 keys in items.
Add me or send a trade offer.
Hiding Hood (Voices from Below) - 10 ref (8 ref+)
All-Father (lime) - 16 ref (5.55 ref+)
Genuine Anger (black) - 22 ref (5.66 ref+)
O' Shanter (lime) - 7 ref (5.55 ref+)
Selling the machete for 5 keys, the complete set for 10 keys
Check my auction on scrap.tf, strange classified coif, in the scrap.tf, the minimum bid 3.5 key and the instabuy price is 4 keys. https://scrap.tf/auctions/FOS4D2
I'm selling my #1015 eye catcher
If you want to buy, send me a steam trade offer.
I'm sellin my #569 impaler.
If you want to buy send a trade offer.

Send me a offer
EDIT1: i want to pay more in my first unu
i want low tier unusual, 8-9 keys cost
Earbuds - 2.1 keys
Lurker's - 1.02 keys
Painted Bills - 3.05 keys
Strange prof ks air striker with 1 strange part,level 100 and 2 halloween spells - 2.21 keys

Total : 9.1 keys
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Red orchestra: Ostfront 41-45 Guest pass
Looking for offers.
send me a offer
Dome shine vintage - 11 ref.
S. Burning Bandana - 1 KEY
Lurker's Leathers - 14 ref (painted)
Hive Minder - 1.33 ref
Rubber Glove - 0.66 ref (two rec)
Annabelle - 8 ref (spell)
Unarmed Combat - 0.33
Shotgun - 0.55

In the most value items i negotiate the price.
Send a trade offer or a friend invite.
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Strange prof ks level 100 Air striker with 3-4 key spell(pumpkin bomb) and 10 ref strange part.
i want 4 keys or more(items or pure).
Strange Burning Bandana - 2 keys or send me a offer
Lurker's Leathers Painted - 14 ref, 16 ref in overpay or your custom offer.

Kukri - 10 ref SOLD
Guillotine - 5 ref SOLD
Phlog - 11 ref (7 keys spell) SOLD
Pocket Pistol - 7 ref
AWPer - 3 ref SOLD
Annabelle - 7 ref (2 keys spell)
Brawling Buccaneer - 10 ref SOLD
Siberian Facehugger - 18 ref or 1 key in items.

add me on steam for a better negotiation or send a offer(https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=159945678&token=M2ZgJuAQ).
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Buying hats for 1 ref each

Send me a offer.

Strange Burning Bandana
Tradable in 07/30
Add me if you are interested
The phlog have one spell - 10 ref
Strange Burning Bandana tradable in 07/30 - 3 keys
(The seventh in the world to unbox)

Send me a friend invite.
Pink Brawling Buccaneer, send me a friend invite.
All this strange guns have one strange part each.
The phlog have 2 Halloween spell.

Send me a offer in items.
Tradable in 07/16
Stickybomb launcher with one halloween spell(pumpkin bombs)

Send a friend invite.
Facehugger tradable in 07/22
Add me on steam.
Wilson Wave - 5 ref
Two scarp metals.
Send me a friend invite.
Send a offer to me
One strange have a one part each.
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90% DE DESCONTO - Jane's Advanced Strike Fighters
90% DE DESCONTO - World War III: Black Gold
50% DE DESCONTO - Al Emmo and the Lost Dutchman's Mine
50% DE DESCONTO - Shipwreck
50% DE DESCONTO - Ostrich Island
75% DE DESCONTO - Duke Nukem 3D: Megaton Edition

Knights and merchants
Battlefield Three
Battlefield Six
Battlefield Six

Enclave:Dark Assassin and Orc
Gun Monkeys:Time-Travelling Monkey
Left 4 dead 2:The Quarter
Teleglitch: Die More Edition:The beast
The Culling Of The Cows:Bloody Bull Heads
Uriel's Chasm:Shovelware Queens[Rare]

Gun Monkeys,:powercube:
Left 4 Dead 2,:boomer:
Teleglitch: Die More Edition,:cranium:[Rare]
The Culling Of The Cows,:cowcredits:
Uriel's Chasm,:treeoflife:
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