• Expired due to inactivity
Clean Frostbite Ol' Snaggletooth for 36keys pure or Offers.
Clean Vivid Plasma Backwards Ballcap for 75keys pure or Offers.
Clean Haunted Ghosts Salty Dog for 96keys pure or Offers.
Clean Burning Flames Toy Tailor for 180keys pure or Offers.
Clean Purple Energy Dark Falkrik Helm for 425keys pure or Offers.

Please Send me a Trade Offer or Add me If you're Intrested.
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Buying Quicksells:
Stock- 28keys
Quicksells Brought - 37
Looking for 1st gen effects only and mostly interested in all class unusuals with 1st gen effects.
Add me or send me a trade offer.
NOTE: If you have a private bp/inventory you will be ignored if you add me.
Also Comment here if you dont want to send a trade offer or add me and i will respond ASAP.
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Clean 1 of 1 in the world. Bp.tf price is 217. The Ooze which is a similar effect and is priced at 280. So i am after around the range of 280 in Unusuals but pure i could discount! Send me a Trade offer or Add me!
This is a 1 of 1 in the world and is clean looking for offers aroudn 130keys pure or unusual overpay. Add me or send me a trade offer!
Dead Cone - 14keys pure or Overpay
Pug - 25keys pure or Overpay
Universal Translator - 20keys pure or Overpay
Ol Geezer - 50keys pure or Overpay
Mining Light - 64keys pure or Overpay
Medigun - Offers around 100keys
NOTE: The Pug and the Ol Geezer have spells only adding a bit more to the price of it.
Feel free to add me or send me a trade offer.
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Selling Scout Unusual - Spellbound El Jefe.
- 1 of 1.
- Short History.
- Looking for 270keys pure.
- 290 in mixed.
- 320+ In unusual overpay.

Past offers;
- (Duped) Burning Flames Anger [290keys]
- Circling Peace Sign Brown Bomber [115keys] + Scorching Flames Triboniophorus Tyrannus [120]
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Selling This Clean All Class Unusual:
-182 keys pure or can be discussed.
-230+ keys in unusual overpay.
Feel free to send me a trade offer or add me if you want to discuss.
{Note if you have a private bp/inventory or you are marked as a scammer or trade banned i wont accept your add}
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Clean Blizzardy Storm Galvanized Gibus 74keys (All Class) {SOLD} 52 CSGO keys.

C9 Pencil Pusher 68keys (Engi Misc). {SOLD} for 43keys pure.

Pure Prices can be discussed.
Add me or Send me a trade offer.
Trade offers are Preferred but If you add me and you have a private bp you will be ignored.
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Clean 1st gen Demoman Unusual. No B/O price only taking offers atm. Worth 190keys. Offers around 190keys will me mostly appreciated but pure prices can be discussed. Write your offers below or Send me a trade offer or add me. Note: Profiles with private BP's or trade ban will be ignored/blocked. Cheers.
1 of 3, Very short history and Clean. 60 keys pure that is a bargain. Or Unusual offers. Pure prices can be discussed so Add me or send me a trade offer. Cheers.
Selling this clean unusual worth 57.5 keys for 55 keys pure or unusual overpay. Add me or send me a trade offer. Cheers
Selling > Unusual Strange Death at Dusk Trencher's Topper For Pure or Unusual Offers. Clean 2 Man History. Send me a trade offer or add me.
Selling this nice clean All Class Unusual for atleast 24 keys pure or unusual offer above 26 keys. Not interested in heavy unusuals or d any duped or gifted unusuals. Dont add me send me a trade offer. Thanks :)