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only looking for cs go iteams knife would be good
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got this key use to be another key
looking for pure or cs go items no tf2 items please
looking for the abov no lowballing
towring its 47 keys pure 50 in items
bucket is 15 pure and 20 in items
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looking for around 47 keys (pure) and 53 in unusuals mainly want a maxs but valuing it at around 27 keys
quick selling this normaly waorth 15 keys selling for 1 bud and 7 ( 12keys) or 13 keys pure
if your wondering why its not in my backpack its cos its on the steam marcketplace as well
looking to trade to cs go
valued at around 50 keys pure 60 trade unusual hong kong cone instant except
also looking for soldier unusuals
this is the only one in existance
NOTE: there r 2 on outpost mine and someone elses his is not real
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this hat is a one of one only one in the world will link my backpack so you can see it is clean
looking for soldier unusuals, an unusual hong kong cone or any other unusuals
60 pure keys or 70 in trade value also looking for a max
looking for hong kong cone would do some of these for it not all btw
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looking for offers around 28-30 keys buyout is 31 keys(pure) if offering unusuals pref 1st gen/halloween effects pref an unusual for pyro,soldier or demo
no lowballs!!! rep is pref not needed
taking offers on both of these would do:
buck tuner all stars for 1 keys
and the cold snap for 5 keys
ov 6 for both or 1 bud and 1 key