Alexer Zoderia
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Selling This Strange Cool Cardboard Boxed Black Box for 100 Keys!

I am accepting both Pure and Item overpay, so please send me an Offer if you're interested!
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Selling this Strange Fac. New Pro KS Psychedellic Slugger for 15-20 Pure and 17-22 in items/Mixed.

Please Send me a trade offer on steam if you are interested!
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Selling a Strange Pro Ks Hot Blitzkreig Revolver for 75 keys Pure/85-90 In Overpay!

Cheapest and 1 of 1 on the Market!

Perfect for Pro Spy Mains!

I do take mixed offers. Please contact me if you wish to trade or just send an offer here:
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Selling a Medic Set for 25 Keys! Set includes:

OP Mountain Cap - 11.5 Keys
St. Spec Ks. Wrapped Reviver - 10 keys
St. Spec Ks Ubersaw - 1 Key
Strange Virtual Viewfinder - 3 keys

Please make an offer to me In pure only! Item overpay will not be accepted. Please be diligent and respectful in your comments.

Use this link to send me an Offer! -

Thanks and Have a nice day.
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I'm selling this Strange Field-Tested Professional Killstreak Sand Cannon from anywhere between 50-70 keys in offers. I take pure and Item overpay. Please leave a comment on my Steam profile if you wish to trade. Thank you!