That's a Lot of Nuts!
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Want to sell 145 tf2 keys via paypal to a trusted buyer. $260
lil less than 1.8 each

Im looking to sell my CS:GO Inventory, valued at $320~..

I have a lot of nice stickers

Looking for 150 keys (tf2) or $270 paypal

Thank you
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Looking for upgrade offers

Overpay may not be necessary or I may overpay for exceptional patterns

10% overpay

I really like
Case Hardened M9-Karambit
Fade - M9
Lore - karambit
Doppler - M9
Gamma Doppler - bayonet

Can add any weapons for upgrade offers


Currently on SCM
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That's a lot of blue!

Now Tradable
Best Offer on knife: $115 in sexy skins

Retracted: $115 in skins (upgraded his other knife instead)
St Ak wasteland, ft st boom awp ft, asiimov p90)-

I like bayonets, and bowies most

case hardened, slaughter, marble, doppler, and lore are my fav skins

-Also pretty much all of my skins have nice stickers (imo) and I'd like probably ~10% for them

Knife Screenshot (or two)
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looking to add some items to my daggers for an upgrade

everything in my csgo-tf2 inventory could go

Willing to overpay for a sexily blued bowie

Have some paypal trading rep, ( could add that way too.

screenshots of daggers
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Looking for 20 percent item overpay

Everything in my inventory could go

would like to upgrade my daggers

I like stickers
case hardened
marble fade
lore ;)

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around 275$ (according to between my cs and tf inventorys

looking to upgrade my knives+ for an ugrade. they've got a good amount of pretty blue, blue tips on the backside

I value stickers around 20%
(not factored into the value of my items overall)

screenshots of knives

the trade actually containing the daggers
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Looking for offers

like 4 keys for the knife (tf2)
3.5 for the degreaser
looking for bp.tfish
Offers please

knife- 5 keys

Degreaser- 3.5 keys
cardigan- 1 key
Sub zero- 1 key
five month- 15 ref

Prices are in tf2 keys

dont play tf2 anymore, will take keys or the easily marketable with some overpay.
Looking for counter stike shiit
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looking fur upgrade offers

2:1 3:1 5:1 n such

Awp is purple and blue playside
Looking for keys, cs:go skins, or tf2 overpay

Phlog: 6 keys (over 8 in parts)
Flame: 2.5 keys (4.5 key part)
Enforcer: 2.5 keys (4.5 key part)
Ambassador: 2 keys (3+ keys in parts)
Scatter: 2 keys ( 1.5 keys in parts)
Force of nature: 4 keys ( Over 11 keys in parts)
Sp KS Autumn Launcher: 1 key 4 ref
Monkey: 14 ref

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Phlog: 8 keys
Force of Nature: 5 keys
Flamethrower: 3 keys
Enforcer: 3 keys
Scatter: 2 keys

take it all for 15
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Blood Banker: 2 keys
Siberian: 12 ref
Cool Cat: 16 ref
Whoope: 15 ref
Monkey: 10 ref
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140 keys


$240 paypal ( <135 keys at $1.80 )

unusual offers over 150

shortest history on market

Misty Mountain cap (60) + Miami Rotation (60) + Sp aussie Black Box (18) + Sp aussie tomislav (15) (153)
Flaming Lantern Glasgow (80) + Burning Sola Topi (50) + like 15 pure (145)
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Disco Mohawk: 150 keys or 250$
Miami Belt: 28 keys.

overpay if offering unusuals.

-Have 80 keys I can add to upgrade offers. But unless it really sexy, I don't want it.
-I'd rather cash out

would also take $420 for Mohawk+Belt+80 keys

-My backpack is worth around 400 keys. or 400 x 1.8 = $720 ($850
I'd take $600 from someone highly reputable.


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-offer on my keys-

-only 80 at the moment-

looking for 20% off + mostly

I WILL consider paints/parts/spells etc wont pay the full half price for them
but a little more prob. [/i]
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Disco Mohawk: 150 keys.
Miami Belt: 30 keys.

overpay if offering unusuals.

-Have 80 keys I can add to upgrade offers. But unless it really sexy, I don't want it.
-I'd rather cash out

would also take $420 for Mohawk+Belt+80 keys

-My backpack is worth around 400 keys. or 400 x 1.8 = $720 ($850
I'd take $600 from someone highly reputable.

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150 keys for the Mohawk

30 keys for the belt


- 170 in dank unusuals / mixed on the Mohawk

- 40 in dank unusuals / mixed on the Master's

The mohawk has a super clean 3 person history


You could take them both + my 83 keys pure
150 + 27.5 + 83 = 260.5 260 X 1.8 = 468

$420 PayPal

But for that, trusted you must be.

$850 backpack
403 keys x $1.8 = $725


$600 paypal

maybe slightly negotiable when it comes to the cash
likely not by much
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Fish- 2.2 keys
Scatter- 2 keys
Enforcer- 2 key 10 ref
FAN- 5 keys
Phlog- 8 keys
Flamethrower- 3 keys
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Pink Cool Cat: 16 ref
Lime Blood Banker: 2 keys
Black Lurkers: 1 key + 16 ref
Gaylien: 5 ref
Jungle Booty: 4.66 ref
Amby: 2.5 keys
Black whoope: 9 ref
Chuckle: 2 ref
Eight Monkey: 11 ref
Slate Pluto: 7 ref
Demo Fro: 3 ref
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Disco beat Down Merc's Mohawk

clean, short history

1 of 2 on the market

Best offer: 150 Keys

If offering unusuals, I need at least 10% overpay

Interested mostly in keys>mixed>misc>all-class
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Disco Beat Down Merc's Mohawk

super short clean history

Have some keys for adds

but I'm mostly looking for pure/mixed offers

Misc/All-Class offers are nice too, especially in the above effects..

1 of 2 on the market
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10% off for keys
100 mixed
10% overpay in unusuals

cheapest on market

Iooking mostly for keys, australiums, mixed, all class, misc, downgrades

recently sold for 110 pure
(Recent price suggest of 100-112)


Sunbeams shanter (96) + 4 keys
Sunbeams festivizer (65) +40 in sweets
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90 keys
100 mixed
110 minimum in unusuals

cheapest on market

Iooking mostly for keys, australiums, mixed, all class, misc, downgrades

recently sold for 110 pure
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daffodil+ fire horns

highest tier sheen/effect on an aussie
47 keys or overpay
add or post here
on market

daffodil+ fire horns

on SCM post here or add me
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pro kritzkrieg


B/O 21 keys
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PE Slo_Poke: 125 keys
DbD TIppeD: 95 keys

Slo-poke is 1 of 1
level 100


Pending suggest at 106 on the tipped,

recently sold for 110 keys.

Bonzo Slo Poke is recently priced at 160, they want 140 keys (1 of 1)
Vivid Slo Poke looking for 147 keys (140-150 (1 of 3)
DaD 110 (1 of 4)
Anti-Freeze 150 keys, 180-200 in unusuals.
13th, 250 keys.

GE slopoke on PE Slo poke (100- outdated)

GE Slo poke + 10 in sweets on PE Slo poke ( its 1 of 3 - nahhh)

Arcana cloud crasher on PE Slo poke (sellers at 100, 110)

Like 100 keys in medic stuff on PE Slo poke
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Purple Energy Slo-Poke-

Level 100

1 of 1

Best Offer: 125 keys

Disco Beat Down Tipped Lid-

all - class
sexy party hat

Best Offer: 100 keys
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Clean Purple Energy Bear Necessities

1 of 1 on the market

Best offer: 60 keys
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Clean Purple Energy Slo-Poke

Level 100

1 of 1

Best Offer: 125 keys
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Clean Disco Beat Down Tipped Lid

1 of 2 on the market

Best Offer: 100 keys
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PE Slo-poke- 125 keys (1 of 1, level 100, clean).... 150~ in unusuals
Disco Tipped- 100 keys.... 115~ in unusuals
PE Bear Necessities- 50 keys... 65~ in unusuals

Feel free to try me.
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230 keys
250+ in unusuals, 270 is the sweet spot
$420 to a dankly reputable PayPal buyer

or offer

-white painted
-cheapest on market

I like most effects-
My favorites are
- Nebula
- Beams
- Spellbound
- Energies (especially white)
- Darkblaze
- Amaranthine
- Time warp

ones that I don't like include
- Stormy storm
- Blizzardy storm
- Cloudy, Harvest, or Stormy 13th/ Secret to Everybody
- Misty Skull
- Death by Disco
- Morning Glory/Death at Dusk
- Bubbles
- Confettis
- Killa/Terror-watt
- Smoking / Steaming
- Planets / Nuts

Keys-dollas>Mixed>All-class-/Misc unusuals> Medic/Scout/Soldier> Pyro/Demo/Sniper> Spy/Heavy/Engi

-PE Nunhood_ if I add
-Factory New Airwolf Wrench (cool) (180)- cloud 9 Backwards- miami rebel (270-)
-Sunbeams Bonk, BS Cool Night owl Rifle (268)
-Strange WW pro ks firehorns teamshine Backwoods boomstick (200?), + SP ks aussie Rifle (35) + FN Corsair Medi (12) (250?)
-Hellfire HAz, + sweets to the tune of 20 (250)
-FT Isotope Sweet Dreams Sticky (250)
-Stormy 13th Big Chief (64), Killa Teutonic (27), Blizzard Lucha (19.5), 128 pure. (238)
-PE Stash (230)
-Ghosts Stash, Sp KS GL
-Stormy 13th bomber (210)
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Offer on the snap
or my bp
had hella offers around 250 on the snap, ain't cutting it (unless you've got keys)
If unusuals I need 275+ (been a few round here but nothing I like)

Looking for some Dank key/Paypal or mixed offers

395 key bp
like $600 paypal?
$420 on the Coldsnap.

Need moneys for bills
hence the slight discount
- about 20% off valuing keys at $1.85

Unusual offers would have to be 400+ on the bp, and would be most entertaining.
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Minimal Wear Specialized Killstreak Rainbow Flame Thrower
6 keys
minimal wear wants $18 SCM
$5 for a kit
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For the ham i'd like to add to it, for a hot rod pro ham or violet
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1 of 3 PE

I'm looking for good unusual offers around 300 keys
The other two sellers are looking for that in keys, or for overpay. (even 10 percent is 30 keys)

I like negotiating and dont mind adds
feel free to offer, cant hurt

Best Offers so Far
-Sunbeams Bonk boy + BS Night Owl cool (268)
Isotope Sweet Dreams Sticky (ft) (250?)
pro WW strange backwoods boomstick (hot) + Aussie Sniper (sp ks)+ Strange FN Corasair Medi (275? idk)
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6 keys flame
12 unusual
7 phlog

Offer me stuff

be reasonable

I do want a max, will overpay like 30% at most, if its a nice one
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Looking to trade these for a max

Sold for the beard for 2 keys I can add instead

15 keys for the Head Lamp
7 for the flamethrower
4 for the ham
3 fish
8 phlog

Negotiable, can switch items
overpaying by up to 30%
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Offer around 300 and shes yours

I paid 250 and I likely won't consider less.

I like 1st gen, Halloween and robo effects the most
All-class, misc, or rare unusual offers preferred.

all class
rare, 60 some unusual coldsnaps exist (1 of 3 PE)

Some offers I've received thus far:
- 268 Sunbeams Bonk Boy + Cool BS Night Owl
- 253 Cloud 9 Pullover, Magentic Phononaut ( I told him it sounded like a dope combo, he said he had a better deal now cuz hes guuud lol)
- 250 Tenative Cbubbles Gibus, (ended up getting a burning mountebanks masque, I wasn't too hot on it ne way)
- 210 Stormy 13th footprints bomber (sexy, but I paid more than what everyone is selling theirs for.)
- 215 Searing Stash + Subatomic Captain ( too low)

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15 keys

15+ in unusuals.
18.75 scm (7.5 keys)
+ sp kit worth $4.50~

B/O 6 keys or pay 15+4 bucks on the kit
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Unwanted stuff, taking reasonable offes
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finna go
I got a mean green and I wanna swap for a violet, or hot rod professional, any effect really
I like them all
can add a lil
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Some random halloween stuff
just offer