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trading whole bp.tf back pack for cs go items! im not overpaying!
Hi i'm trading this amazing lime set for CS GO items only!
I exept skins, knifes etc.. BUT if offering a knife and it isn't one of the listed above i want massive overpay!

As a total the set cost's £55, 76€ or $86 (so offer items around the price or more)
Items are on SCM
1 key 7 ref add me or send offer
1:1 mine is white with a 6 key spell!
taking offers on some stuff
Normal rules- pure = bp.tf price + 1rec or 3+ ref in item overpay.
eyelander is 2 keys (+1 rec)
bearded bombardier ( 11ref + 1rec)
2 key or 2.5 + in items
1 key 10 ref for this amazing lime set


1 key or item ovepray
Looking for a cs go knife worth around £50-58!
https://backpack.tf/profiles/76561198058779838 (----- These are prices in pure.
NO UNUSUSALS UNLESS 60+ KEY! (or 50+ if burning,scorching,morning glory,deah at dusk and sunbeams.) (i only exept halloween and 1st gen effects.

Its a beutiful lime set exept the white hat. The pro.ks are both green keeping the theme.
offers :D
due to all the special adds put on this max im pricing it at 34 keys pure.
37+ in australiums and 40+ in 1st gen unusuals.
looking for bp.tf prices + 2rec
or +3ref on to bp.tf prices if in items
Worth 2keys each
both for 1 mercs strange scarf (non pianted) with 5 ref in items or pure!
add me or send offer
(mine is painted black, have 9-10 key spell and spectul spectrum! worth 1 key, clean and level 4)
can exept 1 with adds.
If you wish to offer something else it will have to be massive overpay if unusuals and slight overpay in australiums
2:1 must be purple!
add me or send offer
6 ref
add me or send offer
only pure!
2 key 3ref!
2keys 8ref+ in items!
prefer pure.
add me or send offer.
shovel 2 key or 2.3+ items
syringe 2 key or " "
any 3 of these for the grenade or 1:1 for sticky
Looking for 11 ref each!
or 1key+ in items!
Low level (4)
2 spells (headless horseman and spectrual spectrum)
Paint colour : Black.

Looking for around 43+ keys (50+ in australiums and 55+ in unusuals which are god tier or 1st gen)
Not quickselling or tradeing right away. (Unless aussie RL)
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1 lime paint Or 7ref (pure)

If you so must pay in items i expect 10+ ref and yes i don't count paint,parts etc
1:1 add me or send offer
Stock : 1
1:1 earbuds (prefer clean one's.)
1:1 B.M.O.C
1:7 (1 bills + 6ref)
1:9 (3 keys 6ref)
My inventory is private because im stopping trading now. Im only spending 2 keys preferblly demo! weapons skins are nice or pro.ks.
bp.tf prices + 1 rec in pure (non painted) or 5+ref for each item in item overpay.

Snow scoper - 13 ref (1 key item overpay)
Villains - 12 ref (1 key item overpay)
bp.tf prices + 1 rec in pure or 5+ref for each item in overpay.
Looking for bp.tf price +1 rec if in pure or 5ref+ item overpay for each item!
Looking for bp.tf item price pure +1 rec or 5ref+ item overpay for each item!
1.3 ref or 2 keys+ in items!
add me or send offer
2 keys add me or send offer (Tradeable Sunday - 10/08/2015)
on market.
Well the pistol has has a 5 ref spell on so im going to price it as 5ref - price (1.7ref) so im selling it for 3.3 ref!
48 keys pure OR overpay in items around 55+
Looking for around 1.4 keys. 2 keys + items.
you need an outstanding offer to get them.
I know the prices for them and don't have a b/o or c/o so don't ask me how much im looking for just offer.
I won't be rude to a bad offer or a offer i don't like, all i will do is say "sorry but i don't want that for now."
1 key 3 ref add me or send offer
3 keys 3ref pure or 4 keys+ in overpay (not including paints,parts, etc..)
4.33 ref or 5+ ref in item overpay
add me or send offer
3.5 keys pure 4 keys+ in items.

(i have pool party - +3.5 keys pure 4+ items.)
my scout set for either 53 keys pure or both australiums Snipers has to be spec.ks or better!

you can also offer the australium sniper with overpay adds!

Sniper rifle must be included in trade if not paying pure!

i have 1 key if your offer is less than 1 key you need ref to fill difference!
2 keys send me offers if its under a key you need change!
buying festive's for discounted prices!
stock 3 keys!

offer away boys!
3 keys post offer here.
Selling for 48 keys cheapest on outpost!
if you want to pay in items i expect something around 54+ in items.

Squeaky clean!! - https://backpack.tf/item/3730570014
yes i am the 3rd owner of this hat meaning it has short history :)
1 weapon for 1 scrap or 2 weapons that are usable in crafting.
add me or send offer
Selling only as set!
TOTAL PRICE 2 keys. 2.7key + in items.
prices firm don't bother.