Looking for keys or money only.

can take 110 tf2 / 105csgo keys.

SALE! Taking 105 TF2 keys or 97 CSGO keys. Only for this price from Jan 1 to Jan 5.

Can also take PayPal.
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Looking for MW Howl or Cash
pot - 110 tf2 / 105 csgo k
3:1 MW Howl.

Will ignore all other offers, don't even bother.
I want another effect.

Must be strange unusual.
13 keys

Keys tradable tommorow, 5pm
You add a bit.
looking for tf2 overpays

tradable next week 2015 12 17
aussie - 60$

kritzkrieg - 40$

quicksell for 85 keys 69 keys
16 tf2 keys


15 csgo keys

Has footprints spell
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28 CSGO keys

30 TF2 keys
Looking for a discounted one.

stock - 13k
I rarely bump this, so yea. Faster way is to add me or send a trade offer
Insane 0.0106 fv. Scratchless corner.

b/o - 130 CSGO keys
c/o - 97 tf2 keys. very low . http://i.i...Fu.png

Looking for unusual overpays.
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All offers are welcome

Gut ruby is 0.01 fv, won't go for a regular gut price, scratchless corner.

b/o - 115 csgo keys.

Other items may only be used as sweets, I am mainly interested in the pullover.
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RL by tagg is 15 keys.

Muttonchops is 18 keys.

Offers on others.
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Signed by tagg

7 keys
Looking for a CLEAN peace stash.

Feel free to add me and discuss if you have it :)
Woah, a clean Hearts Stash on market!

Looking for a Soldier Unusual ONLY!!

Would love one of theese on the list. You would have to add minimum 2 buds for burning / scorching drills vs my veil.
I have 1.5 unusual to add and 0.7 buds.

Thanks! Don't add me, not accepting any adds due phishers.

Notable c/o's
-Scorching / Burning Drills + 2 pure.
-Burning Shako + 7 pure.
-Secret Stovepipe + 3 pure + Logo tyrants.
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Trade is back.

Add = Block

b/o - No buyout at the moment.

I'm not in a hurry to sell it, not even sure If I will unless I will get a sweet offer. Don't jawdrop If I reject a really sweet deal that I didn't like

Rules of this trade.
-No money offers.
-No summer, robo, 2014 halloween effects.
-Prices in pure are firm. Don't offer lower.
-HUGE Unusual overpay.
-Adds with private profile = block.

Past offers on Burning,
>>http://i.i...uU.jpg 15
>>http://i.i...ms.jpg 10
>>12 buds.
>>11 buds.
>>9 buds.
>> DupedHarvest Moon Pyromancers Mask.
>>Secret Stahl.
>>Cloud 9 rack + 8 buds.
>>Cleanest Sunbeam Tyrant + 40 keys
>>StatTrak™ ★ Huntsman Knife | Slaughter (FT) <<Fav Offer>>
>>Beam charmers + alot of sweets.
>>Karambit | Slaughter (MW)
>>CM Phantom.
Past offers trade - http://www.tf2outpost.com/trade/19825938

If you will bullshit the proof of being fake, list proof of it being "fake" down or just add the people who offered.

You can see the set here.

Thanks, and good luck offering.
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Nice hat, nice effect.
Add = block

b/o - 3.5 buds.

c/o - 2.5 buds

Highly interested in Engineer, Spy or Demoman unusuals.
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Selling Burning Modest.

Mostly interested in Unusual TC , Vintage items.

Unusual overpays < Pure.

Offer here, or send me a trade offer.

Don't add me.
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Looking for a knife / high tier skin.

Not for sale individually.

Only CS GO items.
Wont even respond to TF2 offers.
202k for Dlore
200k for Fade
200k for Tiger
185k for Doppler


210 TF2 KEYS


Last bump, take or leave
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looking for CSGO offers only.
37k or pyro unusuals
Looking for upgrade, etc.

Pure prices.

Beams bonk - 200k
Planets bonk - 32k
Stash - 80k
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As I already have one, I'm putting this one for sale.
RL signed by tagg.

Price range 10-15 keys.

Offers are welcome.
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I want either of the stashes.

If paying pure.

Flies stash - 80k
Bonzo Pot - 55k
Cowl - Sold for 28 k, bud and 15 ref.
Helmet - 25k
Soldier taunt - Sold for 35k mixed
Demo taunt - 65k
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spec ks
Nothing is literally for sale unless you can offer me.

1. God tier stash..
2. Harvest Pot.
3. Secret Chieftain.
4. Secret Pot.
5. All : 1 with Secret stash.

Price ranges, If offering pure.

Flies stash - 80k
Pot - 53k
Cowl - 45k
Demo taunt - 65k
Soldier taunt - 38k

Don't want anything else, Listed hats or Pure.

Stash Is clean as fuck, rare to be seen soo clean.
Demo taunt is rare , 1/1 on market, 1/2 in the world, other owner refusing to sell it. Had 60~ key offers on it on Vatican City trade server.
Cowl is themed, marvel fags get in here https://upl...n2.jpg
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20 k

1/1 on outpost

Offering pure - trade offer
If you're offering something else, post here , dont add me.
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Offering pure - trade offer
If you're offering something else, post here , dont add me.
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Offering pure - trade offer
If you're offering something else, post here , dont add me.
35 keys.
cheapest on outpost
60 keys

Check parts