Last items to finish my cashing out.

1st one is signed by wonderland
2nd one is signed by Japtor

Offer wisely
Selling items in my TF2 BP for CS GO items.
Looking for ST FT crimson web gut.
StatTrack Factory New Fade Karambit.
We can negotiate the price.

Feel free to add me If you have what I want..
Selling for 50 buds.

looking to upgrade to a nice knife.
trading tf2 items 4 cs go skins
Quickselling for 23 buds.

Pure clean
I need phoenix keys pls man
Looking for a knife.
Looking for knives.

Offers, don't offer me shit tier.

Also no TF2 offers at all.

Considering only GOD TIER knives.
Never knew it's gonna be a misc...


I'm really interested in Secret Stash, CM stash or Knifestorm Stash.
Note that I was offered duped Secret Stash + 1 bud, I'd expect you to add 3~ for duped one. Would do 1:1 with clean one.

Traveling at speed of 10 phisher adds per minute.

Don't add me to offer.
Only looking for theese.

I will ignore all other offers.

Cleanest rack, buds and max on outpost :)
Hearts - 1.5
Latern - 1.2
Scorching - 2.5
Misty - 4.5

Clean only.
Paying 54 keys / 3 buds for theese kinda Max Heads.
- No lvl 1 / 5 / 8.
- Clean only.
Looking for theese.
Or engineer / demo hats.

No new effects starting from summer ones.
buying a bud for 17 keys 3 ref
Need quick buds.

Rack - 1.6 buds
Board - 1.1 buds.
I'm interested in theese.


Unless you have a pure offer, go ahead.
Nice hat, nice effect.
Add = block

b/o - 3.5 buds.

c/o - 2.5 buds

Highly interested in Engineer, Spy or Demoman unusuals.
Trade is back.

Add = Block

b/o - No buyout at the moment.

I'm not in a hurry to sell it, not even sure If I will unless I will get a sweet offer. Don't jawdrop If I reject a really sweet deal that I didn't like

Rules of this trade.
-No money offers.
-No summer, robo, 2014 halloween effects.
-Prices in pure are firm. Don't offer lower.
-HUGE Unusual overpay.
-Adds with private profile = block.

Past offers on Burning,
>>http://i.i...uU.jpg 15
>>http://i.i...ms.jpg 10
>>12 buds.
>>11 buds.
>>9 buds.
>> DupedHarvest Moon Pyromancers Mask.
>>Secret Stahl.
>>Cloud 9 rack + 8 buds.
>>Cleanest Sunbeam Tyrant + 40 keys
>>StatTrak™ ★ Huntsman Knife | Slaughter (FT) <<Fav Offer>>
>>Beam charmers + alot of sweets.
>>Karambit | Slaughter (MW)
>>CM Phantom.
Past offers trade - http://www.tf2outpost.com/trade/19825938

If you will bullshit the proof of being fake, list proof of it being "fake" down or just add the people who offered.

You can see the set here.

Thanks, and good luck offering.
Read this all or your offer will be hidden.
<- Trade re-opened at May 27th, 2014 1:54pm ->

Closing trade for now, gonna re-open in a week. Thanks for bookmarking!

Rules of this trade.
-No money offers.
-No summer, robo effects.
-Prices in pure are firm. Don't offer lower.
-HUGE Unusual overpay.
-Adds with private profile = block.

I will not tolerate any duped item offers, no matter how much the hat is worth. I'm not interested in dupes, I also wont take any new effects from Robo to Summer.

The Prices.

Burning Flames Rack, probably the cleanest one. - no b/o, rejected 9, 9.5, 10, 11 rejected 12, 15 buds already. Don't offer lower.

Some c/o proofs.

Rack - http://i.i...JX.jpg <[Credits to http://steamcommunity.com/id/notevenparticularlyskilledatall/ ]>
Western - http://i.i...la.png <[Credits to http://loa...ut.tf/ ]>

Thanks, and good luck offering.
Mantreads - 7.55 ref
Pyromancer - 6.66 ref
I have 43 Vintage Kritzkriegs.

0.33 each.

5 Vintage Kritzkriegs sold soo far.
If you buy them all you get a discount. 0.33 * 50 = 16.55 + Discount = 14 ref.

Trade offers preffered.
I have.

34 keys
6.11 refined.

Looking for an unusual rack.
Looking for Australium RL

Paying 34 keys + 8 key item sweets.

Only clean one
14 keys for wrench.

9 keys for pda
Looking for rack / racks.

9 keys
Glitched board ( rejected 1 bud for it )
SF Wrench.
~~~~~~~~~ Which makes about 5.50 buds~
15 keys
Selling a collection of 50 vintage kritzkriegs.

The price is really simple and cheap.

2 keys, 4 ref.
1 key
Selling this clean stormy AA for 1.3 buds or 25 keys.

Or, looking for SF wrench + 9 keys.
Sellin theese. Looking for Offers.
Absolutely no Summer, Robo effects, no hats. Old School all the way, If someone offers theese, I will ignore the offer.

Stormy Storm Armored Authority b/o - 2 buds.

Do not add me, offer here.