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sold for 30 keys
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6 keys each

Spell and Painted.
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I have 75 keys, sf minigun and sweets.

I'm looking for a decent knife.
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bp.tf prices
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I have 47 keys and alot of sweets on TF2.

I'm looking for a decent knife, means no low tier safari shit and gut knifes.
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quickselling for pure or cs go items
Note that I closed the trade on december 30, I re-opened it two days ago ( Jan 13 )

Last quicksells left, grab them while they are hot, seems like they are selling really quick ;~;

Cauldron 1.8

Clean helms are super rare, keep that in mind. The prices are cheap as fuck compared for what I bought them.
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25 keys.

Keys only.
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I don't really play TF2 anymore, so here.
Only knife offers, won't even respond to TF2 item offers. Not even buds.

Don't try to fool me around with prices, I'm a highly experienced CS GO trader.


Good luck.

both are clean btw
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Paying pure for discounted Football Helms or Luchadores.
Make sure Football helm is clean.
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  • Completed

or looking for other football helms.

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Clean Dream.
5 buds takes it.
Otherwise only Unusual Football Helm offers. Just make sure they are clean. I don't mind a huge bulk offer.
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Hello there!.
I am Unusual Football Helmet collector.
I offer items in my bp for football helmets. I won't pay your b/o's.
Every effect is accepted, just make sure your hat is clean / not duped.

Have a good one!
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4 keys for pink.
4.5 keys for halloween paint one.
  • Completed

If you want the cowl, it's 13 keys / bud.
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I want only CLEAN football helm / helms.
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b/o on bomber - 6 buds

Looking for Unusual Helms mostly.

Offer away.
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1o2 on the market.

b/o - 8 buds.

Offer away, really interested in RARE retired hats.
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Looking for really rare retired hats.

( Houwar is clean ).

Only Retired hats that are.
2/2 in the world.
3/3 is an exception.

Only clean ones.

Can do 1:1 with houwar for a secret beanie, stormy 13th fedora.
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I am open to all the offers. Mostly looking to upgrade.

Pot - 4.5
Cowl - 6.5
Hallmark - 1.5
Cappo - 1.5
SnS - Placeholder.
VRH - 2
Beak - 4.5
Sticky - 2.
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I am looking for offers on theese two clean o.fire hats.

B/o 1.5 each.
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Paying 2.3 for a CLEAN Circling Hearts Safe n Sound.
  • Completed

Fuka - 1.5 buds
Hallmark - 1.5 buds
Beak - 4.5 buds.
Mostly unusual overpays only.

Pure > 1st gen > rare vintages > 3rd gen > new halloween effects 2014.

Open to all offers.
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Painted bird heads.

Selling for offers.

Impossible to get anymore.
Not paintable.
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9 buds for duped pre-wrapped one
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  • Completed
Hearts Tyrants - 6
Hearts Kabuto - 3.5
Hearts Pot - 3.
Hearts Stash - 7

PE Pot - 3.5
Scorcing Pot - 7.5.
PE Kabuto - 6.
Hearts Fuka - 2.
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Looking for soldier hat quicksells.

Quicksells only.

No robo or summer effects, also applies to newest hween effects.
  • Completed
Looking for offers.
Mostly interested in the items I listed.
  • Completed
Looking for offers.

Unusual overpays < Pure.

B/O - 1.8 for Hallmark only, Sticky for sweets only.

Don't add me, offere here or send a trade offer.
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Clean O.fire Fuka

b/o - 1.5 buds.

Don't add me, unless you're overpaying.
  • Completed
Clean Kwat Beak.

b/o - 4.5 buds.

Don't add me, unless you're overpaying.
  • Completed
Selling Burning Modest.

Mostly interested in Unusual TC , Vintage items.

Unusual overpays < Pure.

Offer here, or send me a trade offer.

Don't add me.
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Looking for offers on this clean Stormy Muffs.

B/O - 4.5 buds.

Unusual overpays < Pure.

Mainly looking for engineer unusuals or unusual miscs.

Don't add me, send a trade offer.
  • Completed
Don't add me.
Offer here.

Pure > Hats I listed > everything else.


1 - 23 buds.
2 - 4 buds
3 - 1.5 buds.
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Looking for mostly a soldier hat.
One out of few on outpost.

b/o in buds - 22.

c/o - Clean g.fetti KE. http://forums.backpack.tf/index.php?/topic/22898-h-fn-slaughter-karambit-lf-unusuals/

dont add me.

Offer here or send a trade offer.

Has a full phoenix on BS, tiger on PS.
  • Completed
Looking for a TC.

Full Phoenix Bs.
Tiger PS

SS should be on profile , If not ask me.

Don't be like the guy with c9 crone.
I wont pay 27 buds for a hat I can easily get for 15 buds.
  • Completed
Deep Fried Desire - 1.11
Battin a thousand - 0.77
  • Completed
Have bud and 13 keys.

Looking for quicksell unusual.

Engy preffered.

Don't add me and remember what the word "quicksell" means.
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paying 1 bud 5 keys

australium only
  • Completed
16 keys or bud + key
  • Completed
Cashing out CS GO.

Looking for unusuals.

Overpays mostly, knives are incredibly easy to sell.

Mostly aiming at KE.
  • Completed

Looking for this quick.
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  • Completed
  • Completed
Looking for offers.
Mostly interested in the vintage goodies.
85% fade.

Not 1:1.

Post offers, dont add me.
No unusuals.
  • Completed
Looking for knife offers.

Mostly 1:1
  • Completed
Looking for halloween offers on this.