This user has been banned permanently by Toughsox. The reason for this ban is as follows:
This ban is for trading with marked scammers / scammer alts - http://www.tf2outpost.com/user/1169143
As you have already been warned about this type of trading, this ban is now permanent.
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Selling a Professional Killstreak Collecters powerjack for 15 keys pure or a max head! or item overpay will accept australiums and unusuals and some prof ks
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Selling for 40 keys or mixed offers in australiums or unusuals or as well 50 in items!
Buying Quicksells with 28 pure! send me offers! or send messages in the bottom
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Selling for 44 keys pure or any mixed offers or australiums or unusual item overpay(60)
Cheapest Seller
1. 34 Keys or 40 in items
2.3 keys
3. 23 ref or 1 key items
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Selling Unusual Bonnet for 35 keys Cleanest
Selling Ticket boy craft number 16 for 3-4 keys!
Sellling a spelled strange knife for 12 ref
Selling Australium Knife prof ks for 31 keys pure or overpay!
Ticket boy #16 for 3-4 keys!
Spelled Knife strange for 12 ref
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Strange Specialized killstreak Powerjack for 1Key and 10 ref
Professional Killstreak Fire axe for 1 key!
Or offers !
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Selling for 33 keys pure shortest history I accept Unusual overpay as well
Selling 2 Clean Unusuals!
Unusual Janissary-13 keys!
Unusual hat with no name-20 keys!
I accept good unusual overpay offers or Australium offers as well
Trading this for an unusual around its price 1:1
looking for offers on spelled items!
Buying Quicksells for pure! Dont matter if its duped or not!
Selling a orb planets Rotating Sensation All class pink as hell for 37 pure or overpay in unusuals or australiums!Negotiation acceptable!
Cheapest Hightier for 38 keys! pure or 45 in unusual overpay!
Effect Burning
or other unusual burning offers or scorching!
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Selling Quickly! for 45 keys! looking for offers Please offer me unusuals please no lowball offers!
Would consider low burning offers
Selling a unusual professional panama effect frostbite!
Hat for sniper for 48 keys!
Trade me! or offer! unusuals
Selling for 20 keys or unusuals overpay
History clean!
Selling 2 unusuals
buccaners bicorne purple confetti spec ks for 21 keys or overpay in unusual items
Cold Killer Smoking for 31 keys or overpay in unusual items!
add me or put an offer in the comments box d:
History:Both Clean
Selling a salty dog for 45 keys pure history clean
effect kill a watt
will gladly do accept unusual overpay
in australiums and other stuff trade me! or add me
Looking for offers keys unusuals!
minimum 40 keys at best
Effect isotope
Selling a steaming killers exclusive specialized killstreak for 50 keys pure or overpay!plus free paint!:3
Selling this silver cyclone Shred Alert.

-1 of 3 in existence

B/O - 55 keys pure or unusual / mixed overpay (Negotiable)
I'm also taking australiums as pure, going by the lowest sell order.

Send a trade offer or feel free to add me to discuss.
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Selling for 16 keys pure or unusual overpay!Cheapest seller and has a clean history!
Selling for 60 keys pure or unusual overpay!
History:Clean Short history
Cheapest seller!
(11) keys stock offer me unusuals dont matter if duped or not offer up in the COMMENTS BELOW!!!!!
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Selling this for 23 keys multi class for spy,medic, and soldier!
Willing to be overpayed or via pure!
Selling this for 17 keys or 25 in overpay better than my other competitors has a clean history and a free name! Better for your keys I say!
looking for downgrading my 1st gen effect big elfin
deal has a clean history and has 1 spell and pink as hell
paint on it!Doing it for unusual offers australiums and pure or other offers!
Selling 27 keys pure for unusual offers please comment below to place offers on my keys!
Buying unusual quicksells for 30% off their normal bp.tf price comment down below to see your offer
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Buying duped robo or shitty unusuals for 6 keys pure!
Add me or send a comment below!
Selling for 24 keys pure!
1.Flameboyant Unusual Stormy Storm -20 keys Pure or offers in overpay!
Cheapest seller and clean history!
2.Prof Ks Big Kill - 8-7 keys pure or B/O 8 keys pure or item overpay!
3.Prof Ks pomson - 2-1 keys B/O 2 keys! Pure or item overpay!
Offers or pure taking on bp.tf prices as well as this is way way better than the nuts and bolts danger theres no way its 35 keys d: just post down offers
ill reply if i like them then will add you to my friends list plus comes with free paint
also no lowball offers
Will accept unusuals keys or australiums in pure or overpay
Selling for pure 25 keys God tier effect clean or pay me in 30 unusual or item overpay can include australiums unusuals or keys! If you need to add me add me! leave a comment below!
Selling for 23 keys pure or in great overpay unusual offers
Cheapest seller right now!
Greatest for mustached espionage!
13Keys stock offer up some unusual will not take flies
or nuts and volts
Selling for pure only will take Overpay!!
selling it for 25 keys!will go lower to 24 but not less
and if offering only be australiums and unusual item overpay!
History clean!
Selling only for unusual offers!!!australiums ok 2
maybe pure
History clean!
Selling for 27keys for pure
Item overpay for 35 in items unusuals or aussies
will take overpay in low tier unusuals no flies or nuts and volts
This is themed!
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Selling unusual warm runners up for
28 keys pure or 35 in items or 30 in items australiums and unusual offers welcome!
Clean history 2 person history
Selling Unusual Airdog for 28keys pure or 30 keys in overpay or
send me offers!
Only 8 of these exist!!!!!!!!
HISTORY clean!
Selling for 15 keys pure cheapest on market or 20 keys in item overpay prefered unusual
please no flies or nuts and bolts
I dont bite :3
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if the item is worth
9 keys i pay 6 keys
10 keys i pay 7 keys
11 keys i pay 7 keys
12 keys i pay 8 keys
13 keys i pay 9 keys
14 keys i pay 10 keys
15 keys i pay 11 keys
16 keys i pay 11 keys
17 keys i pay 12 keys
18 keys i pay 13 keys
19 keys i pay 13 keys
20 keys i pay 14 keys
Also i never buy massed flies unusuals so don't even bother offering them
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Buying either of these in unusual qualities
For 15 keys 13 pure and some in overpay in items
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Selling for pure
  • Expired due to inactivity
Selling this for 26 or 24 keys Pure or overpay in unusuals
Selling for 14 keys clean history or 16 keys in overpay unusuals