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Well then, got this thing, where should i start
-Only one for sale
-God tier hat and effect
-Pro ks with matching sheen if it matters to you
-Black painted,

B/O: 300 keys pure 350 in items (spellbound is asking 400)
Or a flip sapphire/ruby and csgo counts as pure or 600 usd paypal, only via marketplace.tf,

C/O: Nothin,
Offers: Burning tyrants, was on vacation, but too low anyway
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50 tf2 keys for 45 csgo keys, also buying knifes for 100% steamanalyst price in tf2 keys
shoot me an offer or add me, do leave a comment why you are adding me, otherwise you might get ignored
Bills has a spell, Prices on the right
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Lid, being brokered, 66 keys pure 65 keys in csgo items
Rest in order from left to right.
4 keys, 1 4 ref, 1.5 keys
2 keys, 4 keys, 2 keys, 1 key

Feel free to add me if needed,
Have a nice day
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Brainiac, clean: 32 keys
Cloud crasher, clean: 27 keys
Steaming Hallmark, clean, : 15 keys
Arcana Hallmark, duped, but every single on is, : 135 keys
Mirror, clean and halloween spell : 17 keys
Noble, clean : 27 keys
Robo tyrolea, clean : 35 keys
Whoopie, clean: 21 keys

Will discount a bit for csgo keys, And csgo knifes require no overpay, tf2 items require at least 10% overpay
in nice unusuals, 3rd gen and robo requires more
Have a nice day, and leave a comment before you are adding me
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Buying unusuals at 70% bp.tf
Selling these 8 lovely chaps,

Pure prices on the right, Unusuals need a fair bit of overpay, but dont be afraid to offer,

Have a nice day and happy trading
Just looking for some offers atm,
Shoot me a trade of add me i dont mind,
Have a nice day C:

Will make this trade fancier in the future, the craft numbers are jusy rought b/o's
Cats sold for 23 pure and 4 keys in items

C/O for hallmark, Pshadows tyrannus + aussie blutsauger, Unpriced unfortunatly
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Im brokering this nice 1st gen sniper hat with a godtier effect

Clean and with a 45 key matching spell : https://gya...b756bc
Looking for 67 pure
75 in nice unusuals/medic stuff

Feel free to add me to discuss if nessesary, do leave a comment why you are adding me C:
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1.5 key each, send me offers or add me,
2.5 in items

Have a nice day
Hey there im brokering this lovely spy unusual for a nice and fair price of 66 keys pure (4 under bp.tf),
Overpay mostly in either 1st gen, halloween or nice looking medic hats,

I dont want:
-Robo hats (unless the virus dokter)
-your recently updated overhyped allclass garbage
-''hyped'' will be misc/allclass hats unless normal market price ofcourse

I cant add anything to the hat from my backpack since im brokering it, if you do want adds i could discuss with the owned but you will have to add me then.

Send offer/add me both are equally as fast. my timezone is gmt +1, i will only check my offers midday and in the evening

Have a nice day c:
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Looking for a pretty big tf2 overpay, atleast 30% in unusuals
and 15% in tf2 keys.
Mostly looking for First gen unusuals, but everything will do if overpaying
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Bills hat 10 keys, Bruised purple footprints
1st Bandanna, 20 keys, gangreen footprints
2nd Bandann, 12 keys, violet footprints, ' Sold for-> https://gya...e7f67c (muffler is pink painted and kabuto black)

Ill make this trade fancier later, when i have time
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Hey there, cashing out my final bits and pieces,
Quickselling this nice scout unusual for 33 keys pure, or csgo items around the same value,
Send me trade offers or add me, i dont really mind,
SS: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=583097797

Have a nice day :3 (On the market right now add me or post here)
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Selling the following cosmetic's
Prices are on the right,

Add me or send offer I dont really mind

Have a nice day c:
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Prices on the right,

20% overpay, add me or send an offer, both are equally as fast

Have a nice day c:
Hey, selling these,

Sensei: 24 keys pure Screenshot:http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=596832936

Bombing: 40 keys pure Screenshot:http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=596835059
C/O: Darkblaze sober stuntman

Brigade: 30 keys pure Screenshot: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=596833957
C/O: 27 pure http://img...pgvPvw

Stat trak FN m4 cyrex(0.06 float): 37 keys pure Screenshot:http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=596777105

I expect at least 20% overpay in nice unusuals
For the cyrex and the sensei (which im brokering) The ooze/amarthine PYRO unusuals dont require overpay

Have a good day
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Looking for some csgo items offers, id rather not have tf2 stuff unless huge overpay.

Offer me here, or send trade offers,
I only accept level 3 or higher steam accounts due to phising bots
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Direct hit with dominations part
-3 key part
-The Direct hit is worth 1.7 keys on bp.tf

Im only asking 1 key and 8 ref (1.4 keys with the current key rate, ugh keys are rising again)

Add me or send offer, both are equally as fast,

And most important, Have a nice day c:
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Quickbuying unusuals for 8 keys each,

Since gift tags can be removed, i accept gifted unusuals too,

Stock: 17 keys

No N&B
No low tier heavy hats (dread knot, mongolian, and such)

Add me to discuss or just send me an offer, both are equally as fast

Have a nice day c:
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Prices on the right,

Add me or send offer, both are equally as fast.

Have a nice day c:
Hey there, selling this lovely sniper
-Damage dealt part, 7 keys
-Headshot kills, 1,4 keys
-soldiers killed, 12 ref

30% overpay in items

Selling the sniper for 13 keys or unusual offers [sold for 14 pure, idk why but hey i dont mind]
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[Sold for a St fac new m4 cyrex, Kill a Watt sensei, fac new current event, Ft prof ks pink elephant, and a ks flamethrower kit, So about 78 keys in items]
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Buying a spec ks flamethrower kit for 1 key pure, send me an offer c:
Brokering this lovely pyro unusual:

-Very clean, http://backpack.tf/item/1969849596
-Gold paint,

B/O: 65 pure,
70 keys in Pyro unusual offers ONLY, (australiums are taken as 96% of the lowest selleron bp.tf)

C/O: None yet

Send me a trade offer or add me, both are equally as fast

Have a nice day c: [Sold for KaW tipped lid]
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Brokering this lovely pyro unusual:

-Duped unfortunatly, but who cares, its 1:1 for sale at the time of writing this,
-Has a 25 key spell on it,
-Purple paint,

B/O: 24 pure,
28 keys in Pyro unusual offers ONLY,

C/O: None yet

Send me a trade offer or add me, both are equally as fast

Have a nice day c:

[Added a clean max and 6 keys to it for a Kill-a-watt mancher]
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Hey there, Im selling this awesome demo unusual,

B/O: 14 keys pure.
1 Vintage bills + 5 keys
3 Vintage lugers

3 B.M.O.C.'s
Spec ks aussie stickybomb launcher
Any combination of the above items worth 15~ keys
17 keys in other items

C/O: none yet

Not really in a rush selling it,
A problably bad screeny:

And most important of all, Have a nice day mates <3
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Hey there,

Im looking for offers on this lovely strange spec ks degreaser(manndarin) w/ Allies extinguished, posthumous kills, projectiles reflected and halloween fire,

I wont let it go for less then 9 keys pure and im only really selling if i get a really good offer.
I will accept low tier unusuals too (no heavy hats or N&B)
I like promo's and vintage lugers too,

Have a nice day c:
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Quickbuying all tf2 cosmetics for 1.33 under the bp.tf price, add me or send trade offer,

Have a nice day c:
P Fetti HwH,

16 14 keys pure 18 in items,
-1:1 on the market
-1st gen effect, looks quite good with the paint+spell
-purple halloween paint
-normal purple paint
-custom name + desc

Add me or send offer, both are equally as fast,

Have a nice day and take care c:

Screenie coming up soon,
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Selling this nice lime scout set for 2 keys pure

Add me or send trade offer,

Also selling seperatly
Tail, 11 ref
Accessories, 14 ref
Bigg mann, 10 ref

Have a nice day c:
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Looking for some offers on my very pink solly set,
Including: P fetti Chieftain (with a purple to pink halloween paint) (short and clean history http://backpack.tf/item/342945815 )
a pink painted parka
a pink painted all father

This is how it looks in game http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=549067992 )

B/O: 18 keys pure 21 in items
C/O: none yet

Have a nice day c: (unu is on the SCM atm)
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Lime painted bigg mann,
10 ref pure 12+ items, add or send offer, i dont mind

Have a nice day c:
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2.6 keys pure 3.5 in items
Have a nice day c:
Kinda brokering this stuff for a friend of mine who has quit tf2 for csgo,
Prices are here http://backpack.tf/classifieds/?steamid=76561198101492148

Cs:go items with similar value are accepted too, He really wants a Mw dragon king, he has 4 ref pure to add too

Have a nice day,

(Not in a rush selling it)
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Level 99 stormy storm trilby, offer away

Looking to 1:1 for the flaming lantern hermes,

If offering other: 21 keys pure and like 23+ in unusuals

Screenie c: : http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=542896682

I prefere scout, sniper, solly and pyro unusuals

Have a nice day C:
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pink vive la france: 10 ref

prof ks shashasnasnahshashaha: 2 keys

Id prefere pure, otherwise around 30% overpay depending on the item.
Have a nice day C:
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5 ref for the set,
Hey there, Halloween is coming, get your medic ready,
Im selling this nice halloween medic set,
8 ref for the set,
otherwise, 2,33 ref for the pants
3,33 for the suit
and 5 ref for the pickelhaube (can go lower)

items overpay is always welcome,
have a nice day C:
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well just as easy as 2.66 ref, not that hard is it.
item overpay accepted,

have a nice day C:
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Just a simple 1:1 They are worth the exact same its just because my sets are pink themed,
Looking for 17 keys pure (under bp.tf price)
100% clean
Free pink paint to go with the effect
i prefer a decent item overpay
Im also selling a Blizzardly storm chieftain challenge for 16 csgo/17 tf2 keys
Have a nice day C;

C/O: Stormy madame dixie + 2 keys in sweets (declined but notable)
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Spec ks SF nade launcher w/unusual wearing player kills : 8 keys pure or a good overpay (depends on the item)

Have a nice day,
  • Completed
2 keys pure or item overpay

Have a nice day
Selling this lovely demo unusual for 16 keys pure 19 in items,
- Its 100% clean
-Nice first gen effect
-not a robo hat

Send offer or add me (adding is problably faster)

And have a very nice day
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Smoking lid: 2 ref
Wraith Wrap: 2 ref
Tipped lid: 2 ref

Strange Professional Killstreak Pocket Pistol (team shine/tornado): 2 keys1 key 4 ref QS (donated to tip of the hats)
Strange Rocketlauncher: 5 ref

Gunmettle Cases (4 in stock): 1 ref a piece
Strange low profile (MW): 14 ref

I prefer trade offers but you can add me if you like,
and have a very nice day
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Hey There,

Im Quickbuying unusuals for 85% of the bp.tf price, same goes for aussie's and strange festives
Current keys in stock: 17
Add me or send a trade offer (adding me is problably faster)
(not buying nuts and bolts)

Have a nice day c:
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