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Welcome To Tuurtle's Pigmentation Pawn Shop!


Hi Im Tuurtle, Nice to meet you!
I've always loved spells and spell trading but recently over the past few months I have become obsessed with the Spell: Putrescent Pigmentation

I personally enjoy it over all other spells and its the reason i currently collect it!
My collection consists of about 70+ Pigmentation items (Viewable here > http://backpack.tf/profiles/76561198167149339 < on my bp.tf page)

The Purpose of this trade is to create more opportunities for me to buy Your Putrescent!
So dont feel shy, tell me about any putrescent cosmetics you've got and if its something that catches my interest i'll let you know!

Please, Please, Please, double and triple check i dont already have the cosmetic you are offering/commenting about!
(disregard this if your cosmetic is some sort of upgrade, Ex. Pigment ---> pigment + voices)

Have a wonderful day and thank you for reading! :D

Backpack.tf --> http://backpack.tf/profiles/76561198167149339

Steam Profile --> http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198167149339/
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Selling a Few Spelled/Halloween Cosmetics!
Looking for offers on all!
Take into account double spelled items will be more expensive than single spelled items (Duhh.....)

So just shoot me an offer, i dont bite.

If i hide your comment its a polite No thank you :)

Add me if you wanna talk/discus prices!
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Quicksellling My Beautiful Chef Hat :D

Its Got a Molten Mallord effect on It, and its Strange! Wow!

Price im asking for: 47 Keys

Price in Pure i would take: 43

Price In Unusuals i would take: 50+

Feel Free to add me to discus or offer here :)
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Good Day Everyone and Welcome To My Unusual Trade

For My Molten Mallord Das Maddendoktor Im Looking for About
60 pure in Keys
70+ keys in Unusuals / Items (Preferably High/medium Tier Medic unusual)

But Please Feel Free To Leave an Offer

Adding me is fine I dont bite :)
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Strange MW festive Shot to Hell ScatterGun --> 7 Keys

Blizzardy Modest --> 40 keys pure or 46 in unusual overpay

Strange Field-Tested Speacialized Killstreak Shell Shocker Rocket Launcher --> 15 keys pure

Add me if you need 2 But a trade offer will always be the fastest way to get in contact with me.

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German Gonzila
Medic Unusual
Clean http://backpack.tf/item/3749184348
Morning Glory: A Medium - High Tier Effect
Also Discounted

As A Side Note Id be Happy To throw in My Two other Loadout Cosmetics FREE when you Buy The Gonzilla
Those 2 Cosmetics would be the White Painted Ze Übermensch and The Chrono Scarf, Visible In The Screenshots Below.

▀▀▀▀ BO is 35 pure ▀▀▀▀
CO: None

im not really interested in any unusuals unless its a very very nice medic hat
Feel Free To ADD ME if you would like to talk or comment below offers
Don't be Afraid to Offer Seriously I Won't bite.

Thanks for visiting (つ ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)つ - Tuurtle
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Selling All of these Items Listed preferably for pure metal

Factory New Stabbed To Hell Knife - Festive and Killstreak - 3 Keys
Rocket Launcher - Strange - Spec K.S. - 3 Hightier parts - 8 keys
Spec K.S. gunslinger - 16 Ref
Crafted Weight Room Warmer - Painted Water log Lab coat - 14 ref
Strange Vintage stockbrokers Scarf - 2 ref
Strange Scoped Spartan - 13 ref

(If you plan on paying in items i expect some decent overpay and for you to list the price of each item in your comment)

Offer away! Please only add me you want to negotiate prices on the rocket launcher or if you would like to pay in items.
Otherwise random friend requests will be denied

Thanks for visiting have a good one! :)
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Hey Everyone i'm Tuurtle and i'm hopeing to sell you guys some of my stuff!

Prices Below are set unless you plan to pay in items
Remember I always Prefer Pure over Items so you'll need to give some nice overpay

Genuine Specialized KillStreak Nostromo Napalmer - 3 keys Pure
Factory New Flower Power Medigun - 4 ref
Unusual Isotope Specialized KillStreak Medi gun -
NOTE: I'm sorry to inform anyone who was interested in this Medigun, Unfortunately in a warzone of a trade it has been scammed off me ( My friend fell for a fake me )Tsoi no longer own it, thank you for understanding :(
And finally;

Strange Specialized KillStreak Scatter Gun w/ Attached Exorcism Spell - 3 keys

Feel free to add me or Send me a trade offer using that very handy buttons up there
Either are equally acceptable and i'm not gonna block you unless i have a good reason!

Thanks for visiting! :D ~ Turrtle
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Looking for offers on the Rocket launcher
Its Team shine
And has God Tier parts

Nothing under 9 keys (bp.tf Price)
Feel free to leave an offer down below!

Thanks for visiting! :D
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Selling This Cool looking scout unusual
Effect: Dead Presidents
B/O: 28 Pure or +30 in unusual overpay
C/O: None

PS: It is currently on the market so dont be surprised if you can not see it in my backpack
Hey Thanks for visiting!
Have Yourself a great day
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KillStreak Festive Minigun - 1 Key
Strange KillStreak Rocket Launcher - 3 Keys (Added parts)

Send me a trade offer - Please no Random friending

Thanks and have a great day :)
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~Bubbling Tyrants Helm~

Im looking for around 25 Keys pure and 30 In unusual Overpay

Fell free to send me trade offers
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Just Selling Some Un-Wanted Items:

HornBlower - White - 1.1 keys
Strange Vintage Camera beard - 1.3 keys
Genuine Tyrants Helm - On Community Market - 7 ref
Strange KS Rocket Launcher - Nice Parts - 2 keys

Thank You for Visiting Have a Great Day
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Strange Texas Ten Gallon - 1.5 keys
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one key each
looking to 1:1 with a bubbling tyrants helm + a few keys
add me if you want

offers are appreciated
cant trade until Monday the 4th

~Thank you for visiting my trade~
Have a great day :D

http://www...tition > guys please take 30 seconds to sign the escrow petition, we have over 30k signatures! lets keep it going!!
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