Whatsss Good Everyone , Today im Selling My Both Clean D@D Danger GE Hetman

D@D Danger- 80 is PURE PRICE ONLY (DISCOUNT) 20% off or 100+ in unusual offers. You can also buy it on marketplace for 45% off for 155$

Looking mostly for pure (CAN DISCOUNT) , PURE IS KING !

(Write on the post whats your offer Or just send me a Trade offer , which is prefferd !) TY

Lowest on Market

Both Clean

️High tier EOTL Effect

Concider offer :
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Selling it for huge discount 40% OFF for only 165$. Hurry up !!

im the only one selling this on market , Selling for 40$:D !
last one sold for 70$
Whatsss Good Everyone , Today im Selling My Boston dance for 16 keys pure or more in unusual offers!
Whatsss Good Everyone , Today im Selling My Clean Circling TF Logo HKC for 105 pure or 115+ with unusuas offers!! SOLD FOR D@D DANGER AND GE HETMAN (125)

Looking mostly for pure (CAN DISCOUNT) , PURE IS KING !

(Write on the post whats your offer Or just send me a Trade offer , which is prefferd !) TY

High tier Hat

Lowest on Market


All Class

God tier effect

B/O - 110
Concider offer :
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Whatsss Good Everyone , Today im Selling My clean Burning Flames Old Guadalajara for 90 pure or 105+ with unusual offers!!

Looking mostly for pure (CAN DISCOUNT) , PURE IS KING !

Lowest on Market ✓

Clean ✓

Short history ✓

God tier effect✓

B/O - 100
Concider offer :
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Selling my Clean Blizzardy Storm BoA for at least 74 pure or 95+ in unusual offers sold for burning flames old

Looking mostly for pure , PURE IS KING !

All Class ✓

Lowest on Market ✓

Clean ✓

Super Short History (2) ✓

Super nice effect✓

B/O - 100
Concider offer :

Clean Steaming Old kingdom / 70 Pure offer. Proof to the guy -https://backpack.tf/profiles/76561198064441312You can ask him for proof.
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Well i got 60 pure keys looking for god tier Unusual [hat/effect] its QB and its have to be CLEAN!

(the hat must worth between 75-85)

C/O -
Blizzardy storm BoA (Clean)
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Selling my clean Tesla Coil Tough Stuff Muffs For 75 pure or 80+ in unusual offers!

Sold for 60 pure
1/3 On market ✓

Clean ✓

Super Short History ✓

Hallaween Beauty Effect ✓

B/O - 75
Concider offer :
60 pure keys.

Declinded offer :
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Selling this Beauty Clean Cloudy Moon Furious Fukaamigasa for 60 pure / 65+ in Unusuals! GL

1/2 On market ✓

Clean ✓

God Tier Effect ✓

B/O - 60

Concider offer :

Declinded offer :
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Selling this All class Beauty hat P.Fetti Merc's Mohawk for 55 pure🔑or more in Unusuals , TY <3

Clean ✓

All Class ✓

1st Gen Effect ✓

Much Love and Happy Trading <3
╚════════════════════════════ SELLING ═══════════════════════════╝
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Buying Taunt With pure keys/refs!

23 ref--------: Bad Pipes
3 ref---------: Battin' a Thousand
16 ref--------: Boston Breakdance
19 ref--------: Box Trot
28 ref---: Bucking Bronco
5 keys + 19 ref------------: [color=#CF6A32]Strange Burstchester
3 keys-----------: Burstchester
5 ref---------: Buy a Life
16 ref------------: Conga
2.66 ref---------: Deep Fried Desire
7.66 ref---------: Flippin' Awesome
6 ref---------: Fresh Brewed Victory
16 ref---------: High Five!
2.33 ref------------: I See You
1 key + 25 ref----: Kazotsky Kick
20 ref--------: Killer Solo
1 key---: Mannrobics
2.66 ref------------: Meet the Medic
12 ref---------: Most Wanted
5.33 ref---------: Oblooterated
4.33 ref------------: Party Trick
3 keys--: Pool Party
17 ref-----------: Proletariat Posedown
16 ref---------: Rancho Relaxo
3 ref------------: Results Are In
12 ref---------: Rock, Paper, Scissors
25 ref--------: Schadenfreude
?----------------: Shred Alert (Genuine)
24 ref-----------: Shred Alert
8 ref---------: Skullcracker
1 key----: Soldier's Requiem
2.33 ref------------: Spent Well Spirits
10 ref---------: Square Dance
1 key + 23 ref---: Zoomin' Broom

[⇄] Sent trade offer with right amount for fast respond/accept [⇄]

╚════════════════════════════ IM BUYING ═══════════════════════════╝
(if theres refs/keys missing and also for the respond time, lemme know in comments TY <3 )
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ive got 3 pure 🔑 keys , looking for the pool party taunt ONLY , Add or send trade offer TY <3
[[/b][b]Selling this 1/1 beauty Stare from beyond Outta Sight for 70 pure or more in unusual overpay. (3 Pepole history) clean.

Sold for P.Fetti Merc Mohawk


Very Short history (3)

Open to ALL Offers!!!

Price is ALWAYS Discounted for Pure and is negotiable!

Have 6 keys looking for some cool stuff for it (for discount ofcourse) TY <3

Much Love and happy trading Everyone <3
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Looking to sell this for 25 ref <3 no more no less <3
Selling clean 1 of 1 Memory Leak Wraith Wrap for 50 pure or more in unusuals (55+)
great effect and short history.

Plus looking to to buy qs have 8 keys (can be any effect/mostly looking for unusualifier) (offers)

Much Love and happy trading Everyone <3
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29 pure no more no less!! (Cheapest on market!!!)
29 ref Cheapest on market!!!
selling this as a set (can be sell spertatly) looking for 15 ref for the all father (lowest on market with this color) + the sergeant for 10 (lowest on market with this color)
Check the fields
all father- https://backpack.tf/classifieds?item=All-Father&quality=6&tradable=1&craftable=1&australium=-1&killstreak_tier=0&page=3


Selling both for the lowest price on market guys hurry up!!!
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selling or 10 pure metal lower on market!!
(edit) selling for 10 pure I need it asap hurry!
Selling My Clean Scorching Flames Janissary Ketche For 35 Keys Pure / Overpay in Unusuals.
Would like to get those,but other effects are fine only 1st gen TY <3
Add Me For Offers!! other owner sell for 40-45

Selling Strange Gold botkiller sniper rifle - 2 keys (can do less depense on offer)
The essential accessories (gray) - 19 ref (tradeable tomorrow morning)

Much Love and Happy Trading everyone <3
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Selling my CLEAN Green Energy Buckaroos Hat for 29 pure or unusual overpay (someone already offerd 29 pure+ some sweets I'm looking for another offers)

White bruiser bandana for 29-30 ref - sold for key
[s]Team captain 6 ref SOLD
the track 2 ref
the lord 4 ref
[s]the chief 2 ref SOLD
if I'm not online don't be afraid to add/send me trade offer, I'm not bite.
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Selling My Clean Cloudy Moon Hetman's Headpiece For 40 Keys Pure Or For unusual Overpay.

(Looking also for Those 3 Effects ↑↑↑)
(i Can do 1:1 Offer)
Dont afraid To offer me/Add me..:)!!
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Selling For Pure.!!
Antractik Parka:10.66
( Looking For any of those 3 effect ↑↑↑)
Selling My Clean Flaming Lantern Grenadier's Softcap For 41 Keys Pure (Full Set) / 44 Overpay.(Full Set)
Feel Free To offer Me/Add :)! Clean Asfk!! http://backpack.tf/item/554446523
Selling it for 8 ref Pure..!! Trade me
Selling My Clean D@D Sober Stuntman For 35 Keys Pure/42 Overpay.!!+(Looking For 1:1 unusual Offers)
Dont Be shy to add me for offers !! :)
(Original Price of my Unusual is 39 keys)
Selling All this Stuff..
My Unusual Blizzardy Storm Stainless Pot For 16 Keys Pure Or Overpay..Can add 15 Keys For 30-31 keys Unusuals SOLD! For Circling Heart Virtual Reality Headset..(i add 16 Pure)
Gentle Manne's Service Medal #10067- 2 keys (Level 100) SOLD For 1 key 10 ref
Black All Father-1 key 9 ref
White Bruiser Bandana - 1 key 10 ref SOLD
White Essential Accessories - 1 Key 10 ref
Black Bills Hat - 2 Keys 7 Ref (Sold 1 min After Posted)
Lord Cockswain's - 4 Ref SOLD
The Kringle Collection - 5.33 Ref SOLD
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Selling My Clean Vivid Plasma Full Metal Drill hat For 1:1 Offers Only! OverpayAccepted..

Hat Price : 32 Keys

Noh Mercy-4.33 Ref
The Rotation Sensation - 5 ref
The Sub Zero Suit - 15 Ref SOLD
The Essential Accessories-1 key and 10 ref.(Paint is 1 key.)
Antractic Parka - 10 Ref SOLD
The All Father - 11 Ref - Not for Sale Till i Trade My Unusual.) SOLD
The Triggerman's Tacticals - 9 Ref
The Five-Month Shadow - 4 Ref SOLD
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Buying WHITE Bruiser bandana for a 1 key and 6 ref / Overpay with White Essential Accessories..
Selling My Unusual Birdcage Time Warp For 34 Keys Pure / Or any other OFFERS
And Selling My Other Stuff..For any Offers

(i Would Like to get Those 4 Effects that i really love.) PowerSurge/Death As Dusk/
Circling TF Logo/Morning Glory
And i Open For Offers :)
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Selling My UNUSUAL Circling Heart Western Wear CLEAN For 33 Key Pure Or 36 In overpay.


Selling my White Ea for 1 key and 10 ref or Any Offer.

Black Desert Murder SOLD
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Selling Both for 3 KEYS ONLY !

Or any Other Offers!!:))
Selling The EA for 2 keys.. the shirt 6 ref..
Taking Offer On my Molten Mallard Stainless Pot 1:3 in World!!
Price:30 Keys Pure / 33 Overpay.

The Essential Accessories
Price 2 Keys.. Pure / Overpay

Tyrant's Helm
Price:1 key Pure / Overpay
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If theres someone can do somthing for me and sell me unusual that worth about 8-7 keys Its Will Be Really Nice..Thanks..:-/
  • Expired due to inactivity
B.M.O.C:3keys 10 Ref

Heavy Misc: 2.33

taunt high five : 9 Ref

Buy the Antarctic Parka with:High five,and Heavy Misc/B.M.O.C and you need To add! :)
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Buy Any bills with paint for this..