Amaranthine Brown Bomber - 200 keys (TF2/CS:GO/Dota 2). This hat is also 1 of 2 in the world.

Note: I will not accept friend requests or trade offers from private profiles or alt accounts. I reserve the right to decline a trade if I feel there is anything sketchy about your Steam profile.

I will not add value for any add-ons, including but not limited to killstreaks, paints, spells, tags, glitches, craft numbers, strange parts, or rare/themed/glitched levels. I am not interested in glitched items, unusual taunts, collectors items, or rare vintages. I reserve the right to refuse an unusual that I believe has a shady history, or devalue an unusual I believe will be difficult to sell.

If you agree to my terms, simply use the following link to send me a trade offer (no need to add me unless you have questions): https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=27545453&token=m7CuPke6
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This Unusual Team Captain with Power Surge is one of one on the market.

Feel free to offer on this hat

I'm probably going to take it off the market since nobody wants it
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I'm selling these two games!

BardBarian - 2 keys OR equivalent in TF2/CS:GO items
Shadowgrounds - 2 keys OR equivalent in TF2/CS:GO items

If interested, either comment below or use the trade offer system. Thanks!
  • Completed
Selling this Stormy 13th Hour Large Luchadore

Open to offers. Post offer below or use the Trade Offer system to discuss

God tier misc
Rare and limited effect
VERY short history! Clean!
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I'm looking for offers on these hats. Offer below

C/O for Bonk:
C/O for Noble:
Selling this Stormy Storm Bonk Boy

Looking offers for this misc
Selling this Sunbeams Noble Amassment of Hats

Looking for offers on this hat
Selling this GOD TIER Burning Flames Tosslecap

Looking for offers on this hat.

B/O: 12 buds/14+ in unusuals

Do not add me.
Selling this sexy Burning Flames Towering Pillar of Hats!

No B/O. Just mainly looking for offers on this.

Please note: AllClass>Pure>Promos>Heavy>Everything else[

Offer below!
Selling this Strange Festive Minigun

Looking for 22 keys or 1 bud + 5 keys

Comment below and add me for fast trade
I'm selling this Memory Leak Large Luchadore. I'm looking to upgrade and unusual offers.

B/O: 5.5 buds| 6 in unusuals


FEEL FREE TO OFFER: A hide is a polite "No thanks
I'm selling these 2 unusuals. I'm looking for pure and unusual offers.
Comment below with your offer.
Offer away!. A hide is a polite "no thanks"

Killer Exclusive: 7 buds
Large Luchadore: 5.5 buds

Selling this for 3 keys. Comment below and add me if interested.

Selling this for 4 buds pure only.
Comment below and add me if you're interested

Remember: Pure is king.
Selling this 1 of 2, 1 of 1 on the market Misty Skull Gentleman's Ushanka!

Looking for around 8 buds, 9 in unusuals.
Don't offer under 7.5 in unusuals please.

Offers I am considering:

Offers that I have received:
Please read the notes below.


- Do not offer the new robo-hats, I don't like them.
- Do not add me
- If you're offering unusuals, it's got to be overpay
- Don't be shy to offer below, a hide is a polite No Thank You. If you're coming to me with your horrible offers you KNOW that are low/bad, expect it to be hidden
I have this Unusual Team Captain with Blizzardy Storm effect. I am looking for 5.8-6 buds pure If you want to, feel free to offer unusuals, but keep in mind that unusual offers have to be an overpay.

B/O: 6 buds
Selling this Strange Frying Pan for 6 keys. Comment here and add if you're interested.
Selling this for 1 key. Comment here + add if interested.
I am selling this for Unusual Team Captain with Bubbling effect.

I am mainly looking for 3.8 buds pure. Unusual offers will be considered aswell. Comment below and wait for my response if you're interested

Looking for 8 keys. Please add me if interested.
I am selling this Vintage Lugermorph for 7 keys. Add me if interested. Thanks.
Clean as your sex life.

I am interested in selling this Bubbling TC + Earbud! I am in no rush to sell it. Please post your offer below. Do not add me unless I've agreed to the offer. This Team Captain is clean compared to most Bubbling TC's being sold here.

B/O: 5 buds (6 in unusuals)

Just to clarify: A hide = Polite no thanks
Hello there! I am currently looking to upgrade my Bubbling TC to a higher tier TC
The TC is clean, therefore is worth significantly more than most other Bubbling TC's
Please offer below. I can add some sweets to help cover the deal.
Buds in stock: 1

Unless you don't want to get laughed at, please don't post your offers/sells for other hats. I am looking to UPGRADE MY TC